Wednesday, July 06, 2016

First It Happens to the Blacks, Then It Comes to Us

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The jews are using the communist Chinese to take over black Africa. We ought to watch this situation, as they plan to do the same to us in the West.

The jews first spread communism in Africa, from Gaddafi in the north to Mandela in the south. Communism was very effective in genociding Whites in Africa, as it was in Eastern Europe. Is also an effective means of enslaving non-Whites, as it has been in Eastern Asia.

The Red Chinese are colonizing Africa at the instigation of the jews. They treat the blacks very badly and pit them against the Whites. Israel is cheering on the communization of Africa and presents itself as ally to the African Continent. In repayment for the Whites of South Africa having helped Israel develop its nuclear weapons capabilities, the jews first converted the blacks to communism, then set them upon the Whites to genocide the Whites.

The same process is taking place today throughout the White West. The jews are sending in the communist Chinese to colonize us. They will soon set about to genocide us at the point of Chinese bayonets after having made us the slaves of the Chinese, if we let them.

The terrible things that befall the black communities in America soon spread to the Whites, from drug addiction and miscegenation, to the disintegration of families and the spread of venereal disease. Let us prevent the Chinese invasion, enslavement of blacks and genocide of Whites taking place in Africa from spreading here, and let us use NATO to come to the rescue of Whites in America. The jews pledge the Israeli military to defending jews anywhere in the world. Let us make it the mission of NATO to defend Whites around the globe from racist attack and genocide. Let us do it now, before our kin our gone from these parts of the world.