Monday, July 11, 2016

Gun Shop Observations

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

I have been watching gun shops as the violence in America has escalated. In the past, like conditions have produced a shortage of guns and ammunition, and inflated prices from gun gougers, especially when new anti gun and ammunition legislation was introduced in Congress, or Obama threatened an unconstitutional executive action to erode away or completely destroy the second amendment.

This time around, things are different. There are plenty of guns. ARs and AKs of all flavors, save genuine Colts, are in good supply. Ammo is everywhere to be had, from Walmart to the local range.

Gun shops are like bars. People congregate there to shoot the breeze and I have spoken to many people. A very significant change is that people are shooting and practicing more, and buying less. They are at the range to practice, not there buying as much as before. They are also there to inquire about, or attend, concealed carry classes.

Ammo manufacture and supply has caught up to the shortage created by previous massive government purchases, as have guns. There are countless companies manufacturing AR 15 and 10s, AKs and large capacity semiautomatic handguns. And the shelves are full of them! Unlike times passed, it seems Americans are ready for it, whatever comes, for better or for worse, the stage is set and the trigger fingers are itching for the fight. Strange times we live in.