Sunday, July 31, 2016

Ivanka Trump Should Come to Her Father's Defense

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The media and democratic party are using the Khanman to demonize Donald Trump and claim Trump has no right to respond to this unprecedented personal attack. Ivanka Trump should come to her father's defense and repudiate the vicious insults the Khanartist has made against her father and her family, especially his the outrageous statement, echoed everywhere in the media, that he has a "black soul".

Ivanka is famous and well liked. She should come to the defense not only of father, but her family honor. She should point out how the media and democratic party cannot defeat her father on the issues, so they have trotted out this insulting buffoon to attack him personally with emotional rubbish. She should also point out that it is unamerican and disgraceful to use their son's death as a point of attack in a presidential campaign. Real Americans do not do that.

Ivanka will be the beauty against the beasts.