Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Lynch, the Clintons, Obama and the Democrats Have Again Embarrassed the Nation

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

It is disgusting how the blacks in government are changing the subject in the hearings called to question Loretta Lynch about her role in exonerating Hilary Clinton, to their Black Lives Matter agenda of coercing blacks to vote against Trump. Lynch is evading all reasonable questions.

The gross corruption of the blacks, Clintons and the Obama Administration is in full view of the world, and it is a horrific embarrassment to the nation. The blacks are only concerned about increasing and holder their current power, not for the betterment of all Americans, but only to serve their selfish interests through lies misrepresentations and the scapegoating of others for their faults and failings.

This is going to hurt the democrats and the blacks badly. It is charade meant to hurt Trump by encouraging blacks to vote against him, they will not turn out in large numbers simply to vote for Clinton; and to change the subject from Clinton's criminal behavior to black issues.

The anti-White agenda of Lynch is in plain view, look at it and you will understand what is coming if Clinton is elected President.

The Clintons are a national embarrassment! The corruption and dishonesty of the democratic party are a national embarrassment! Why are the blacks hitching themselves to them? Only because the democratic party is coaxing them to.

As I stated before, the big issue is the FBI's false and misleading misinterpretation of intent. They want out of their way to fabricate an illegitimate excuse for Clinton.