Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Putin Is Striking Back at Saudi Arabia with Terrorism in Retaliation for Their Having Lowered Oil Prices

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The bolshevik jews have long been the masterminds of most of the world’s terrorism. They have now trained their sights on Saudi Arabia.

Putin is launching numerous attacks on Saudi Arabia in retaliation for the Saudi’s initiative to lower oil prices. Putin wants us to pay more for oil and gas, so that he can spend more money building weapons with which to kill us and our children. Putin wants to destabilize Saudi Arabia with terrorism and eventually topple the regime.

If Putin succeeds, it will have terrible consequences for the West. Putin wants to cut us off from Middle Eastern oil and then gouge us on the price of energy, or cut us off completely and wage war on our weakened nations.

Putin’s terrorist ISIS organization will destroy us, if we allow it to. We should instead acknowledge its source and take countermeasures against Putin unless and until he backs off. If he continues, the West should cripple Russia as it is trying to cripple the West. We should impose massive sanctions on Russia and cease all trade with them. This is getting out of hand.