Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Putin Needs to Create a Diversion: Expect a Major Terrorist Attack

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Putin has an even bigger ego than Donald Trump. He does not like the media exposing the fact that he is a creepy peeping Tom violating the privacy of everyone in the world. Putin is a KGB thug. He does not like getting caught, being seen for what he is, but instead prefers to creep around in the shadows spying on others.

Putin controls ISIS. Expect that the KGB is designing a massive terrorist attack at this very moment to change the subject of the news in a way that will favor Donald Trump, and draw attention away from Putin and Russia.

And don't be surprised if Putin attempts to blame for Saudi Arabia for what he has done. The KGB always tries to scapegoat others for their crimes. They are mostly composed of jews, and it is in their KGB DNA.