Wednesday, July 06, 2016

The False Dilemma: The Red Terror of Islam versus the Zionist Conspiracy of the West

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The jews have created a false dilemma, which permeates the media, both mainstream and alternative. The communists, headed by Putin, have mislead the Muslims into bolshevik terrorism to destabilize the world and draw the West into self consuming wars and demographic death through refugee migration. They also want to drive up oil prices and make the West dependant on Russia for energy.

The zionists have duped Christians into adopting their cause of clearing out the indigenous populations of Greater Israel and transplanting them into White nations. They have also suckered them into anti-Christian self consuming perpetual war for the jews.

Most importantly, the jews have changed the subject and public discourse in both the mainstream and alternative media from the jews’ crimes against humanity, to their artificial war between the Red Terror of Islam versus the Zionist Conspiracy of the West, with no mention of the jews or communism. The jews just stand back and laugh as we slaughter each other and advance both the communist and zionist agendas, which are thoroughly jewish and which fulfil jewish messianic prophecy at the expense of all the world.

Why do we fall for this jewish ruse, when it is incumbent upon us all to unite against the jews? The conflagrations the jews are igniting cannot be extinguished without identifying and dowsing the flame throwers, the jews. They are warring on us, and the battle will not end in our favor unless we fight back. We are attacking each other, when we should be fighting back in a unified front against the jewish provacatuers. Our survival depends upon it.