Saturday, July 09, 2016

The Media Portray White Killers as if Symbols of Our Race, But Black Killers Are Dismissed as Loners Representing No One, and Victims of White Oppression

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

When White Dylann Roof artlessly shot blacks in a church in Charleston, South Carolina, the media and government asserted that he was the product of the White Supremacist movement, a symbol of the White Race, and justification for condemning Whites generally. They called for restricting the freedom of Whites on this basis, and stigmatized Whites as if dangerous terrorists unfit to live in America. They asserted that Roof's violence was the product of White culture, White Supremacists and a government which failed to curb White Rights and silence Whites.

When Black Micah Johnson skillfully slew 5 police officers and wounded several others, the media and government were and are quick to distance him from his race and from the Black Lives Matter movement. They portray him as if a lone, unprecedented and completely isolated instance of a mad man; who acted without any incitement from the climate of violence advocated, sponsored and/or tolerated by the Obama administration and other black supremacists. They completely ignore the fact that the government has looked the other way as blacks riot and lute. They do not mention the numerable calls to arms among blacks, their threats or their acts of violence against Whites past and present around the globe, including their pastime of knocking out White people on the streets of America.

Following the OK City bombing, the government infiltrated and shut down the militia movement. They sought to chase alleged White Supremacists out of the military in violation of their constitutional rights.

The black who murdered 5 police is ex-military and a militant black who openly stated that he wanted to kill White people. Will the government set out to drive out all black supremacists from the military? I heard someone on the Amy Goodman radio show yesterday state that they had heard blacks stating that perhaps they should kill cops. Will law enforcement investigate those claims?

Why is there this anti-White double standard in media and government? Why is there no recognition of the anti-White crime wave in America, nor any effort to curb it?