Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Trump's Family Are Good Under Pressure

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Donald Trump's children handle themselves very well under pressure, as does he. DT Jr. delivered a good speech, very good considering the fact that this is new to him. I believe that DT Sr. genuinely prefers the company of blue collar folks with whom he can relax, feeling that he is not in competition with them.

The media are again trying to smear the Trumps. Evidently a speech writer used one of his own lines while writing DT Junior's speech. The real news is that Trump's children delivered under tremendous pressure, and with ease and grace. That is good for our country and should be celebrated, not ridiculed, in our national media. We should take pride in our own, not smear them relentlessly, without cause. The media do not want us to take pride in the Trumps, because they do not want us to take pride in ourselves. They do not want us to believe that we are worth fighting for and worth preserving.

I watched as an East Indian with a thick, hilarious Indian accent proudly announced his State's delegation casting its votes. I wish that our White Nationalists took at least half of the pride, joy and satisfaction in being American that this foreigner genuinely had. The communists have done their work on our People well, turning them against our nation and our national heritage. Foreigners are not so foolish or gullible as these dupes. They want to take America for themselves, rather than willingly give it away to our enemies.

I worry about the report that Trump is allegedly subverting American interests in favor of Russia. If true, this is part of a pattern of his subversion of Western Civilization in favor of Russian communism. See:

Trump, Deferring To Putin, Deleted GOP Platform's Call To Supply Ukraine With Lethal Defensive Weapons

I am also troubled by the fact that the pro-White alternative media support Trump when he sells us out to Russia, but attack him when he is even midly critical of Putin or Russia. This tells me the Russians have them bought and paid for and we cannot trust them. Recall how they were bashing America and the bill of rights before Trump began campaigning on the slogan "Make America Great Again!" They are more interested in promoting Russia and communism, than America, which they routinely bash.

I believe the communists have been working on the White Nationalists for decades to turn them against America and our founding values. The communists have also thoroughly infiltrated the FBI, which looks away when Hillary Clinton and other lesbian communists commit crimes.