Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Who Wrote What, When, and Why?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Melania Trump has repeated, almost verbatim, a portion of a speech which Michele Obama gave in 2008. But who wrote that part of Michele Obama's speech, and who repeated much of it when crafting Melania Trump's speech?

The media are really playing this up in their relentless campaign to smear the Trumps. Given the incredible amount of attention being given to this incident, if someone other than Michele Obama wrote the original lines, they deserve credit for them. If Michele Obama wrote them herself, she ought to clarify the fact.

If someone other than Melania Trump wrote the relevant part of her speech, we have a right to ask who, and what motivated them to do so. First it was the star of David plastered on Hillary Clinton, and now this. Who is ultimately responsible remains to be clarified.

The Trump campaign has denied any plagiarism has occurred. But who was the author of the words? Was it Melania? Certainly, she would have no grounds to provide the media and democrats with an opportunity to demonize her, and sabotage the convention and Donald Trump, which is what is taking place.

All of this is also serving as a terrible distraction from the far more important issues of the day. Whose interests does that serve? The media made less of Hillary Clinton's crimes, and the fact that blacks are assassinating police, than they are of this weird incident.