Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Donald Trump's Principled Stances

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Donald Trump has taken two strong and principled stances which are good for our cause. He has maintained his rights to self defense from the unprovoked attacks of the foreign born Muslim opportunist Khizr Khan. And Trump has refused to endorse candidates he does not in his heart support.

It may be that Khan is motivated by several factors that demonstrate an as yet undisclosed bias in his attacks against Trump. The purity of heart of the insult artist, Khizr Khan, is being questioned. What does the mud slinger stand to gain, or at least not lose, if Hillary Clinton is elected? As the facts come out, Trump will be vindicated. Trump has also positioned himself to be our guardian against Islamic terrorism in the event another attack occurs, a guardian who will not back down to political correctness, or minority and media bullying. It was not easy for Trump to do this, but he stands firm.

Trump is also asserting himself as the big dog in the republican party. The outrage at his refusal to endorse candidates he does respect shows the value of his endorsement. Why do they seek his endorsement, if they want to make him a political pariah? Which is it, does Trump's anti-immigration stance, the staple of his campaign and the basis for the conflict with the Khanman, benefit the party, or not? How can they repudiate him, then solicit his support? The media firestorm over all of this proves the power Trump already has.

The art of the Khan is made clear by contrasting his political stunts with the genuine dismay of Cindy Sheehan. Khan is out to defend the Muslim invasion, not seeking justice for the death of his son. That is very different from Cindy Sheehan, who maintains that George Bush unnecessarily created the conditions where her son lost his life. Whereas Sheehan is seeking justice for her son, Khan is advancing an anti-American immigration policy and using his son's death to win support for his partisan political stance. Sheehan is lamenting her son's death. Khan is exploiting his son's death.

The media should demand disclosure from Khan of all his related business and political activity, so that the public may judge the sincerity of and motivations for his attacks on Trump. They should not let Khan hide behind the death of his son as a shield the shelter from which he tosses political bombs at Trump.