Saturday, August 06, 2016

Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, David Duke und Realpolitik 2016

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The year 2016 has subsummed American politics into the sphere of Realpolitik worse than any other, at least that is the perception of a majority of Americans. The candidates are both wildly unpopular. Instead of cheering for one or the other, we are denonouncing the Supreme Court pick the opposition may nominate as an excuse to vote for an obnoxious ass, or assess.

Trump represents the wealthy and Russian subversion, masquerading under a variegated veil of populism and a supposedly America first policy, which puts the obscenely wealthy, Israel and Russia first. Hillary Clinton now pretends to oppose international trade agreements which subvert American interests and supposedly supports progressivism under the communist cloak of Bernie Sanders, as she asserts her hatred of normalcy and American history, as well as evincing a career of putting enemy nations, Israel and China's interests above those of America and Americans.

So whom do we elect to elect, phony A or phony B? It is no easy choice, but it does represent a choice, a realpolitikalisch choice. The question thus becomes, whose subversive agenda can we best contain, while advancing our cause. Clinton really has no positive agenda. Her progressivism is closet communism. Other than her tacit obligation to preserve Europe and NATO from Russian aggression, I see nothing positive in a Clinton presidency. But why is she preserving her love of Europe, if not to promote the Muslim invasion?

Trump obviously wants to hand America and Americans over to the jews, lock, stock and barrel. He is arranging for jews to take over our economy granting them tax advantages, and removing any and all governmental restrictions which would prevent them from raping our people, land, air and water. Furthermore, Trump plans to hand Europe over to communist Russia, and is opening the door to a Russian tactical nuclear war against Western Europe, by promising an American nuclear war against Islam and withdrawing his support for our European allies.

But Trump is staunchly opposed to the immigration of Mexicans and Muslims, a start, but by an unfair and selective enforcement of American first policy, which tacitly favors jews and Asians. Trump wants to transform NATO into a slave army for Israel, and denies its foundational role as a safeguard against Russian aggression. Trump also promotes perversion, while faking an evangelical posture so as to create the illusion that he supports normalcy.

David Duke is tangentially tied to Russia through his PhD which was obtained in an Ukrainian university during a period of Russian domination, and a buxom Russian girlfriend he had. Duke also mentioned in one of his books that he began his career working for a jew with some kind of relation to jewish finance. But this must be compared to his decades old struggle to bring to the fore issues of our survival which have always rung true, at great expense to his reputation and his personal opportunities. I would venture to say that no one has sacrificed so much for so little as David Duke, nor has anyone endured so much abuse with so little support or return.

In a functional America, our best option would be to elect a Senate that represents Americans to curtail the power of the Presidency, but our choices are limited to Duke, an army of one who is well spoken and consistent over many decades. Political balance hangs on an enormous pendulum. The jews are compelled to appease the electorate in tiny ways. If the electorate votes for Duke, and to a lesser extent, for Trump, the jews must face the reality that there is support for restricting immigration and putting America's interests first. Trump will not follow through, Duke will. Clinton will do to us what Merkel has done to Germany and worse.

In a world of realpolitiks, we must shout louder than anyone, longer than anyone, and more consistently than all others. We have to never surrender our values. America first must never mean anything else, especially not Israel first. The interests of the White Race are universally ours, and not American alone. And the political whores who seek our votes to advance jewish, zionist and communist interests must instead advance our cause or face our opposition. So if you vote for Trump for this, that or the other reason, say so and plan to oppose his lunacy on other issues. Same holds for crazy Clinton. As for Duke, can you imagine the positive effect of his opposition to jewish supremacism voiced in the Senate will have, and the ease with which he can be exposed if he flips?