Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Is a Tyrannical Press "Free" for Purposes of the First Amendment?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The press has long been monopolized by the jewish bankers. Does such a press represent American freedom, or repression?

The jews are using the press to control American Government. This is an even more repressive system than government openly controlling the press, because it operates under the illusion that it is a free system thereby instilling trust in the electorate that the press is independent of the State. But in what sense is the press free of State control, when it controls government in a very real and measurable sense? Freedom, in the sense of the first amendment implies the lack of collusion between government and the press, and where they are under the control of the same persons or groups, freedom does not exist. It matters not if government or press represents the higher authority, it matters only that they are not two arms on the same person or group, serving the same brain.

The framers of the US Constitution were concerned that government not control the press. We must be concerned that the press not control the government, because the effect is the same, our slavery. When the press controls the electorate, it controls the government, both by brainwashing the constituency of all politicians, and by pressuring politicians to conform to its wishes or face likely defeat in their elections. As an inevitable result, the government and press become one, and in no sense is the press free, but rather becomes a source of tyranny and a governing part of the State.

A free press must of necessity be independent of government. A press that functions as an organ of government is not free. In acting as an instrument of government, a controlling instrument, the press serves no legitimate function of a free society and instead becomes a means of oppressing the people and enslaving them to the State, while placing the power of the State in the hands of those who monopolize the press.

A press which disproportionately represents a minority population is undemocratic. The jews and the enemy nation of Israel are disproportionately represented in the press, and therefore the press is undemocratic and tyrannical, the antithesis of free. Jewish interests demonstrably and measurably receive favorable treatment in the press and the interests of the majority are measurably and demonstrably subverted. Public opinion is controlled by a hostile minority which adversary deteriorates the freedoms of the majority and subverts the nation in order to destroy it. The press is an adversary, and the society is not free when the press controls the State and uses it to oppress the majority.

The press is today using its control over government to subvert our political process to favor communism over the US Constitution. Communist Bernie Sanders has adopted Henry A. Wallace's 1948 presidential campaign to hand America over to the international communists. Wallace adopted the political party dubbed the "Progressive Party" which initially represented scientific racism and favored the interests of Whites. Wallace, like Donald trump, was controlled by the Soviet Union and, like Trump, ran for President so that he could place the interests of the Soviet Union above those of the American majority. Sanders adopted Wallace's corrupted party as an effective means of concealing his communist aspirations. And now, the press has changed the platform of the Democratic Party into the communist party platform of modern "progressivism" which is in fact a retrogression to Marx's communist manifesto and the horrors of the Soviet Union.

The press has left us to choose between two communist candidates, Trump, openly representing Russian communism and an Israel first agenda, and Clinton representing the subversion of the Democratic Party to Wallace's communist "progressivism", which is not progressivism, and an Israel first agenda. The press has done this by muzzling the debate and excluding any and all voices which acknowledge and address the jewish problem facing America, and any and all voices which speak on behalf of the best interests of Whites.

We do not have a free press. Our press is an organ of the jewish subverted government. As such, it enjoys no first amendment protections, but is instead the type of institution from which the first amendment was intended to protect us. It is State media, and one controlled by our worst enemies, the jews who have subverted the State. It is State media which will not allow us to expose the American public to the fact that our government has been subverted by the enemy jews. This was and is the case in the Soviet Union, and both Trump and Clinton are working to incorporate the entire world into a single jewish controlled system with a single jewish controlled press that speaks only and always on behalf of the jews.

Trump is calling for complete control over thought in America. Trump is stating that he will criminalize politically incorrect thought, which he dubs "bigotry" and "hatred". What Trump seeks to bar is thought which exposes our enemy, the jew, and/or which opposes the jewish agenda of genociding the White Race. Trump would silence any and all who expose the jew and our enemy Israel, just like his mentor, Putin. Trump wants all Americans to be as silent on the jewish problem as he is. Trump insists that we all praise the enemy jew, just as he and Putin do. And so does Clinton who declares that "anti-Semitism has no place in America" meaning that free speech has no place in America, nor does patriotism, free assembly, a free press, or free thought.

Where Trump, who loves Bernie Sanders, and Clinton wholeheartedly agree is to place Israel first. Both are vehemently opposed to scientific racism. Both oppose free speech and political freedom. Neither will support Europe or America's return to homogenous White nation status. And neither will encourage or participate in a dialogue which addresses the best interests of the White majority.

The only reason these two can get away with subverting the nation is that the press is not free but is an organ of the subverted State which serves only the jewish interest. The press, the media, have for decades been polluting the minds of Whites to ridicule their own best interests, to the point of becoming willfully and gleefully suicidal. The press is not free. It is controlled by jews and their money. That is not freedom, it is a means of oppression which contravenes the spirit and letter of the first amendment.

The first amendment compels the US Government and the American People to disband the subversive jewish controlled press and prevent a hostile minority from gaining control over the public discourse and government policy. A free republic is contingent upon free public discourse. Where the discourse can be controlled by financial and collusive means, there is no freedom. Where the best interests of Whites cannot be publicly discussed as openly as any other issue and through identical channels, Whites are slaves to a rigged system engineered to subvert our interests.