Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Trump's New Campaign Advisor Steve Bannon Was an Investment Banker at Goldman Sachs

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Donald Trump has anointed a new campaign advisor who was an investment banker at Goldman Sachs, Steve Bannon. Bannon is a leading executive at Breitbart News, which is extremely pro-Israel. Trump is evidently countering the un-American pro-Clinton media campaign against him with his own incestuous relationship with the media. I recall long ago that Trump promoted Breitbart, because it promoted him, and he has now promoted one of its bosses to a leading position in his campaign.

Trump often talks about correctly naming the enemy, yet he never names the jews, or Israel, or the fact that it was jewry which brought us into conflict with Islam in the modern world. Trump also never correctly identifies the jewish agenda behind the EU, and is becoming increasingly anti-European, scapegoating Whites for anti-American jewish intrigues here and abroad.

The mass media support for Clinton is obscene and is far more of a threat to us than Trump's acquisition of two media moguls, Roger Ailes and Steve Bannon, as campaign advisors. But Trump has nonetheless taken unseemly steps towards the unification of government and media which deserve mention. Trump is brainwashing us to become increasingly slavish to Israel and jewish interests, as well as communist Russian interests, and to abandon our blood connections to Europe. I do not think Breitbart is anti-European, but Trump is. Perhaps Bannon can rein him in on this issue.