Thursday, August 04, 2016

What Constitutes Progress in Our Understanding of Race and Our Racial Interests?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Our ancestors held to certain beliefs which have been disproven by science. Science has reinforced other of their beliefs. But scientific beliefs are also subject to constant scrutiny, revision and often rejection.

The increasingly socialist left, and recall the Marx held that socialism is the gateway to communism, the socialist left believe that the notion of race is a superstitious and obsolete belief system, and should therefore be rejected in favor of a new belief system which holds that our eyes, logic and the facts deceive us, even when our eyes peer through microscopes and the data they gather reinforces our ancestors' notions of race.

The study of race has progressed since the Nineteenth Century, when our ancestors gathered and studied the facts and interpreted them logically, nearly universally concluding that the White Race is unique and blessed with superior qualities which make civilized and successful society possible and pleasurable. Countless texts were published on the subject of race from the 1700's through the mid 1900's making the case for the superiority of the White Race and the need to keep it segregated from other races for fear of degeneration through miscegenation.

Modern genetic research substantiates their findings and conclusions, much to the dismay of the socialist left, a front for jewish supremacists pursuing their jewish messianic aspirations. The jews would have us believe that it is social progress for us to reject these scientific findings, and the oldest traditions of our race, in favor of the view that the White Race must be bred out, even though, in their view, it does not now exist.

Our ancestors held that social progress for the White Race was to advance the standing of the race culturally, eugenically, militarily, territorially, demographically, educationally, socially, morally, religiously, etc. over any and all other races. In other words, they put the White Race first and advanced our interests over all others as was their duty and right. Our ancestors were rational, scientific and responsible. We owe our existence to them and their beliefs regarding race. If we do not adopt those same views, our race will disappear, and indeed is now declining, especially relative to competing and hostile races who still hold to their ancient traditions and beliefs regarding race and loyalty and devotion to it.

The socialist left is irrationally seeking to undermine all that our ancestors built, and to genocide their posterity, we the White Race. The socialist left has descended into superstition, disproven and self destructive myth. That which they call progress contradicts all reason and the facts of the natural world.

For 2,000 years, Christianity has been a poisoned well giving sustenance to the deluded travelers on this suicidal path. The gnostic Christians practiced abortion and consumed the aborted fetuses as well as their own semen and menstrual waste, believing, as the jews taught them, that reproduction is evil. Today, Christian churches around the world are encouraging Christians to welcome in foreign invaders and sacrifice themselves for the benefit of their enemies, turning the other cheek to terrorism, disease, gang rape, lower wages, strains on national resources, etc. Christian churches are promoting marxism and race mixing. Christian churches are promoting zionism. When the jews decide war is in order, they line up to fight for the jews. When the jews promote ecumenical and syncretic religious practices, the Christian churches are eager to obey and participate in their own demise.

As with their notions of social progress, the socialist left and even the capitalist right view religious progress as the abandonment of the views of their ancestors, rather than the strengthening and better enforcement of those beliefs. They accept and increasingly welcome the deliberate extermination of the White Race and blending of the Christian church with Islam and judaism as if this were progress. But on what religious basis is this deemed progress? None, other than the tenets of judaism and Islam infused into Christianity through a false interpretation of its foundational doctrines, one drafted by jews.

We need to engage the White Race in a public discourse as to how we define progress in a logical and factual way. Logic and reality compel us to define progress as that which strengthens our line and advances our interests. That has always been our way, despite even the judaification that Christianity thrust into our midst, until very recently. History, logic and fact compel us to return to the time tested beliefs of our People, and discard the transparent mythologies the jews have imposed on us in order to genocide us.

Humor is the best means to expose the absurd. I would like to work with others to produce comedies exposing the irrationality of the suicidal beliefs being instilled in White society. It will be easy and effective to demonstrate through humorous parody how these beliefs contradict fact and logic. We must ridicule the nonsense which proclaims that death is life and unfairness to ourselves is justice. We can also use wit to evince the hypocrisy of our enemies, and the superiority of our culture and societies to theirs.

Humor was once used to great effect to advance the interests of our race. Today, there is not a single mainstream source fighting for our cause of any kind. I suspect we can attain the largest audience through satire and other forms of humor. Along with producing this material, we need a method of distribution which the jews cannot restrict. And when they try to exclude our voice, it would be a tremendous help to have a legal team to take the matter to the courts and sue for the discrimination taking place against us and our rights to defend the White Race across state lines and internationally in the same channels available to all others.

The genocide of the White Race is no laughing matter, but ridicule is an effective means to prevent it by exposing the illogical assertions which are used to justify the mass murder of our race and the theft of our territory.