Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Why Do Jews Compare Government Inquiries into Communist Infiltration and Subversion with "Witch Hunts"?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Goya painted several paintings related to revolution, witches and Kronos. These paintings relate mostly to jews and their undue and destructive influence on society. Goya famously painted Kronos devouring his child. He never meant for this painting to be publicly displayed, but he placed it directly in his daily view. He also painted the witches sabbath, which is the jews' sabbath.

Before Goya, Peter Paul Rubens painted Kronos devouring his child. These paintings are significant exposures of jewish occultism and its significance for White Europe. Witches, the sabbath of witches, and Kronos devouring his children are all symbolic of the jews' worship of Saturn, their plagiarism of Greek myth in cabalah, and the sabbath millennium of the jews in which they plan to exterminate all Gentiles.

The Greeks believed that Kronos devoured his children in order to prevent their rebellion against him. Kronos also controlled the force of chaos and aether, which the jews employ as the power of the ein soph. Kronos is Saturn, which Ptolemy set in the seventh heaven. For the jews, Saturn is the seat of their god.

The six pointed star of David is the symbol for Saturn. It depicts a triangle pointed up and a triangle pointed down, as above, so below. Just as the jews' jealous god rules the heavens above, so the jews seek to rule the Earth. Just as the jealous jewish god plans to exterminate all other gods, so the jews plan to exterminate the Gentiles.

The jews use communism as a force of chaos, of Kronos, of Saturn, to conjure up the divine energy of their creator god, so that they can impart fundamental changes to society and the Earth. Currently, the jewish communists are creating chaos, using the force of Saturn, with ISIS, which they control through Israel and Russia. The jews also used the force of chaos in Turkey to fake a coup d'etat, which enabled them to change the fundamental structure of Turkish society. It is significant to note that Turkey has been ruled by the Doenmeh crypto-jews since the time of Shabbatai Zevi, whose name means Saturn in Hebrew.

Kronos was identified with agriculture, as is Jacob in the Hebrew Bible. The communists first employed the symbol of the plow and changed it to the sickle, in conformity with their worship of Kronos, of Saturn, and the use of a sickle to harvest the Gentiles and castrate the power of Gentile society, just as Kronos castrated Uranus with a sickle.

Witches and jews hold their sabbath on Saturn's Day, or Saturday. Throughout the Middle Ages, jews and witches were seen as allies in destroying Christianity and harming Gentiles in any way they could. Witches bear a common jewish phenotype, as do demons, in European art.

It is, therefore, no surprise that the jew Arthur Miller consciously or unconsciously characterized the search for communists as a "witch hunt", i.e. as a search for jews and their sabbath Goys. Indeed, rooting out communists, the jews who would impart chaos to our world so as to provide the opportunity for them to remake it in their image, is a search for worshipers of Saturn, who would consume our children so that they may never rebel against the jews. And Miller, the jew, stepped forward to deny the genocide the jews are perpetrating against us.

Trump is controlled by communists. Clinton is controlled by communists. The media are dominated by communists. Communists control our educational institutions. There has never been a greater need to identify and destroy the communist infiltration and subversion of our society. Let them call it a witch hunt if they will. We know it is the jew who must be found.