Monday, October 10, 2016

Trump Upped the Ante for Clinton

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

In the second presidential debate, Donald Trump reluctantly pledged to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate Hillary Clinton, should he win the race. Trump's threat must have resonated in Clinton's mind with her no doubt vivid and traumatic memories of Ken Starr, the special prosecutor who investigated Bill Clinton. All of this came in the dramatic context of women sitting in the audience of the debate, who openly accused Bill Clinton of rape.

The media are mischaracterizing Trump's pledge as if the action of a wannabe dictator. But Trump cannot and will not attempt to deny Clinton due process of law. Rather, he is pledging to provide justice to the American citizenry, which the Clintons' corruption has thus far obstructed. That is not even the action of a revolutionary, let alone a dictator. It instead fits in well with Trump's law and order platform and his stated desire to strip the elite of their corrupt governmental privileges. It is a promise to act within the law to enforce the law, and nothing more. Just as Trump used the tax laws to save himself money, he will use the criminal statutes to jail Clinton, all within the rules which apply to everyone.

Clinton must be terrified. She is desperately trying to portray herself as if a moral authority, a farce she has carried out her entire political career. She is now forced to confront not only the exposure of her criminality, but the prospect of facing justice and punishment for the crimes she knows she has committed.

In horse races there are often speed horses and slop horses. Speedy horses go full throttle through the whole race and try to simply outrun the others. In muddy conditions, they do not do so well because they have no reserve of energy left at the end of a race to maintain their lead and win.

Slop horses often hold back from ever leading the race until the end, where they charge with all their might for the last short distance to overcome the speed horses. The conditions in this race are very muddy and Clinton left Trump with nothing to lose as the race comes to a close. Trump has reserved his money, his energy, until now. He has a very good chance of pulling past her to take the win. Trump is waging highly sophisticated though bluntly brutal psychological warfare on Clinton and her knees are getting weak. The eleventh hour scandals will have a worse impact on the front runner Clinton, than on Trump, who will try to leap past her.