Thursday, November 10, 2016

American Infrastructure for the 21st Century

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Trump is discussing infrastructure improvements as a means of bolstering the economy and creating employment for Americans. It is important to ensure that all such jobs be given to American citizens, with a priority given to those who have had their jobs taken by foreign elements at home and abroad, and those who have longest suffered unemployment.

Another priority is to create the next generation of infrastructure, and not simply repair and expand inefficient Twentieth Century infrastructure. Airports can be improved to provide security for Americans that do not expose us to radiation, violations of our constitutional rights and long delays. This will not only modernize our air traffic infrastructure, it will make it great for Americans and follow the American model our Founding Fathers gave us as our birthright, whereby our dignity and our rights are as important as our security.

Highways and local production should improve truck traffic and we should create high speed highways for automobile traffic. We should work with auto makers to build safer cars and safer roads, placing value on Americans' lives, our comfort and the efficiency of our travel. We should insist that foreign made cars be virtually indestructible (in the sense of survivable for the occupants) in crashes at normal speeds.

We ought to construct water pipelines in the West, which do not suffer from losses through ground absorption or evaporation over long distances.

Inner cities should be viewed demographically as well as physically. Deporting illegals will itself improve the utility of our existing infrastructure. Housing and energy can be more efficiently managed in ways which will improve quality of life as well as reducing costs and pollution.

The development of American suborbital space planes and massive international ships should become a priority. We need to overhaul our nuclear arsenal and modernize the means by which we can launch weapons.