Saturday, November 12, 2016

Belated Comments on the Late Bull D[og] Janet Reno

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

If Trump wants to go after the Clintons, let him not forget Waco and the slaughter of the Branch Davidians ordered by Bill Clinton and another horrible Attorney General related to Bill Clinton, Janet Reno. Reno and Clinton murdered children, holocausted them and then sent the FBI after the militia movement. If Trump felt put upon by the Clintons, the Attorney General and the FBI, let him not forget that period of our history, which still bears investigation and prosecution.

And what of the Clinton and Gore love affair with the communist Chinese, during which they sold us out to the WTO and enabled Red China's expansion of its nuclear weapons and rocket programs. Why not investigate that, while looking into NAFTA and other matters related to all things Clinton? Clinton and Reno absolutely abused their power and deprived Americans of their civil rights, including their right to life.

The media pushed for a prosecution against Trump for incitement and sedition. What about the incitement and sedition taking place post election? Will Trump do anything to return California to the Union, taking it back from Mexico, Asia and the Communists? Will it ever again be safe for White Americans to walk the streets and visit the beaches everywhere in California? Will Trump lead the Federal Government to enforce the Second Amendment in California and allow White People to protect themselves and their families? Will he defend the First Amendment and cut off funding, including grant monies, to any schools which restrict free speech and engage in political intimidation and defame the White Race? And will Trump open the way for the return of the militia movement which Clinton and Reno destroyed through violence and intimidation?