Friday, November 11, 2016

Create American Currency, Military, Food and Shipping Monopolies

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Donald Trump is talking about forcing our allies to pay their fair share for American military protection. He should force them to do so with a new currency America should introduce for the purpose of international transactions. Back on February 13, 2013, I published the following article:

The Grainback: A POWER PARTY Proposal

I propose that America issue a new currency to be used in international trade called the "Grainback". The supply of Grainbacks will be tightly controlled and we will treat any manipulation of its value as an act of war.

Any nation wishing to purchase American goods and services will be obliged to do so in Grainbacks. We will attempt to persuade Whites worldwide to adopt the Grainback for international trade with non-Whites and we will provide the incentives for them to do so.

America will no longer depend on the petrodollar or on oil for the value of our currency. The World needs food and always will. Whites control food production. It is a better idea to effectively back our currency with food, than with oil in the hands of others.

We can buy Euros with Grainbacks and then retire them, as but one option to universalize the American currency. The currency will be issued debt free by the American Government and will also be the currency accepted for the payment of debts to Americans and the American Government by foreign nations and nationals.

We could force nations seeking our military support to pay for it with grainbacks, and make the only means for them obtain grainbacks by buying our debt held in foreign hands or buying our goods and services. We could insist that those holding American debt instruments sell them at par value for grainbacks or cash them in for grainbacks, or we will repudiate their value, so as to prevent gouging and the inflation of their intended value. In this way we could force other nations to pay off our national debt at no cost to us other than the military protection we are already providing. We could introduce this currency into circulation in this way at very little expense to us and with no new debt, while retiring our old debt. We could also prevent the Europeans, Chinese and Japanese from manipulating their currencies in ways which harm us.

In addition to these measures, America ought to insist that all our trade be conveyed by means of American shipping. No more dilapidated Mexican trucks endangering our lives on our highways. No more Chinese tankers undercutting the value of our goods by shipping our raw resources to China at little expense only to ship the materials back to us as finished goods with no profits for us in the transport. If they buy our materials, they must be forced to pay us to deliver them. If they would sell us goods, then they must be obliged to pay us to bring them into the country on our ships, trucks, and railroads. This would raise the price of imported goods while increasing American profits on those goods and creating employment opportunities for our people from our trade with other nations.