Saturday, November 12, 2016

Interesting Role Reversal: Media Pile on Clinton as Trump Praises Her

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The media are desperate to avoid admitting their defeat, their inability to control the Presidential race, which has long been the pride and joy of their power. The media are pointing the finger at Clinton, flipping her off for losing. But she was always a weak candidate, and the field of democrats was always suspiciously and pathetically weak, as I pointed out long ago.

Trump is now praising Clinton, but he has not yet been sworn in on inauguration day. Is Trump being coy, so that Clinton does not feel the threat of prosecution hanging over her head, so that she does not press for a pardon, which would inevitably taint Chelsea? Will Trump change his new tune come inauguration day, if Clinton is not pardoned, and appoint a special prosecutor to investigate her?

What are his real plans for deporting illegals? Is he being coy, waiting to strike with force once officially in office? He would be wise to tamp down the protests by placating them, until he has the authority to send in the military to quash these uprisings. Or was he conning us all along to get elected so that he could serve Israel and Russia (zionism and communism) against us?

He is calming the rich with promises of deep tax cuts. He is calming the jews with promises of Jerusalem as their eternal capital and the end of any hopes for a Palestinian State. But he is teasing us with immigration? So is he conning us, or them?