Monday, November 14, 2016

Mass Deportations and a Military/Militia Presence on the Border Are Far More Important to Our Future Than Any Wall Will Be

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

It would be infinitely more beneficial to conduct mass deportations to remove illegals, than to being construction of a wall along the Mexican border. Mass deportations would discourage illegals from crossing the border and would restore our sovereignty within our borders in ways a wall cannot. Why wall in the invaders and seal our demographic fate by allowing invaders to stay and gain control of the election process by effectively disenfranchising Americans?

If they are here, then some politician can act to grant them citizenship, and/or the right to vote. If they are deported then they are no longer a problem or a potential problem. Ejecting them discourages the invaders from coming here. Allowing them to remain encourages more to come.

What are our law enforcement agencies to do while a wall is built or endlessly argued about, obey the law and deport illegals, or violate the law and allow them to remain? Either Trump is for law and order, for our national sovereignty, or he is not. The wall is a side show. Real enforcement of laws and the protection of our national sovereignty and the national franchise compels Trump to deport all illegals and the sooner the better.

A series of easily and quickly erected towers and helicopter patrols with highly publicized video of gunships spraying invaders with miniguns will solve the problem virtually overnight. Does Trump intend to solve the problem, or will he remain weak and indecisive? Is he a leader, or a hustler?

Chasing out convicted criminals merely reverses the process of Mexico unloading its criminals on us. It does not solve the demographic or sovereignty issues to any appreciable extent. It does not discourage the continuation of the problem or prevent a future "amnesty" being issued to the invaders. It does nothing to remove the Asian and other invaders.

Weeding out convicted felons among the illegals simply complicates the process of expelling the invasion and costs us money better spent expelling them all. It grows the government instead of reducing it. It forms a communist bureaucracy rather than solving the fundamental problem of internationalism. Building a wall simply adds expense to an otherwise easily solved problem and creates a sense of security where a fifth column remains to grow the enemies' numbers to the point of disenfranchising Americans.

It is time to solve problems, rather than perpetuate them or complicate them. Keep it simple Trump. Here is where to start: