Sunday, November 13, 2016

On the President of the Elect, Double Dealing Donald Trump and the Jewish Art of the Deal

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Donald is shafting us for the benefit of the jews. Before even setting foot in office, the America first President of the elect, of the jews, has already traded off our nation for baubles:

1). In order that we might gain back some of our Second Amendment rights, Trump has traded away our alliances to the communists in Russia and China and begun to dismantle NATO. We traded off the right to keep our small arms domestically for the loss of armies millions strong to help defend us from bloshevik Russia and Red China.

2). In order that we might deport a handful of illegals who have committed violent felonies, Trump has denied our sovereignty and the need to deport all illegals. In exchange for the broken promise of deporting all illegals, Trump has destroyed the prospect of a free and independent Ukraine, a free and independent Palestine, and an international Jerusalem where Christians and Muslims enjoy their ancient rights to worship. He has subverted American sovereignty while increasing Russian and Israeli imperialism.

3). In exchange for promising Americans the right to worship Jesus, Trump has empowered the bolshevik aetheists of Russia and China granting them the future prospect of overrunning a disunited and grossly weakened Christendom. In exchange for deluding Christian evangelicals with the lie that he is with them and will work for their best interests, Trump is helping anti-Christ Israel to fulfil its anti-Christ prophecies and chase Christians out of Jerusalem and the Middle East. Trump will help the jews build a temple to the anti-Christ and is welcoming in the communists to Christendom to crush it.

This is, of course, a bad deal for America and Christendom. Reminds one of the deal Jacob gave Esau, a bowl of porridge in exchange for the covenant. Oh the horrors which await us as the alt right Putin and Israel firsters go full tilt brainwashing Americans to favor Russia and Israel over America and Europe.