Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The Illegal Immigration Problem Is NOT Complicated, So Why Don't We Solve It?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The CIA has long studied how to break apart organizations with simple tactics such as causing infighting by arguing over semantics. Trump is using these same tactics to delay and frustrate any American response to the invasion of illegal immigrants.

Trump used the immigration issue to propel himself into the White House. If this issue ever gets resolved in our favor, this would eliminate Trump and his ilk's ability to manipulate us with this issue and gain more power. In this sense, Trump has an incentive to perpetuate the immigration problem, rather than solve it. Perpetuating the problem also forwards the jews' ability to create a dialectic with which to pit Americans against Americans. As such, the pro-illegal immigration faction also has more than one reason to perpetuate the problem.

Trump is like Trotsky and he wants a perpetual revolution and a perpetual war. He leads a permanent American revolt against illegal immigration and a perpetual war against Islam. In other words, Trump serves the zionist agenda by pitting us against Islam and the communist agenda by creating and perpetuating revolution pitting us against ourselves.

The solution to the problem is simple and straightforward. Deport all the illegals and guard the border. Prosecute those who hire illegals and those who house them. Trump need only follow the law and the tradition which has governed all human groups for all human history, as well as the natural law followed even by animals. Guarding our territory is NOT a complicated issue.

But Trump is now complicating the issue so as to make it irresolvable. Trump wants us to argue over whether we should expel them all, or only "criminals" though all are criminals by definition of being in our country illegally. Not only that, but we must now argue over which crimes will be deemed crimes worthy of deportation, and what form the bureaucracy will take which sifts among the illegals. Trump has us worrying whether we will expel them and let them back in, leave them here, or expel them and keep them out.

Why are we wasting all this time and money arguing about an issue which is clear and simple on its face? It is because Trump is a hustler and wants us arguing about what deal we should make rather than permanently solving a simple problem.