Sunday, November 13, 2016

Trump Is Weak and Indecisive, When It Comes to Keeping Promises to His White Base, But Firm, Forthright and Resolute When Supporting Jews and Russians

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The old maxim suck up and move up is working for Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus. Trump chose the ultimate insider Priebus as a plug in the swamp he lied about draining. Such is Trump's new chief of staff, at least until he fires him. Trump also chose Stephen Bannon as an advisor, Bannon who cut his teeth working at Goldman Sachs. I wonder if Bannon will keep up the pro-Israel propaganda coming out of Breitbart. Will he bash Muslims?

Trump was immediate and firm when supporting Israel after the election. But when it comes to keeping promises to his base White voter, Trump is wishy washy and has already broken most of them. Not a word against Putin or Putin's continued aggression against the US and our NATO allies. Nothing wishy washy there, Trump backs Putin against us, the US.

So far, Trump has chosen the quintessential insider sycophant Priebus to obey his orders as chief of staff, and an old Goldman Sachs man to further the interests of Israel and Russia and force feed this agenda to the American People. But who on his list is going to put America first and deport all illegals, nix Obamacare, force Mexico to pay for the wall that will cover our full border, oh wait, Trump has already assured our enemies that he won't keep those promises. Trump's priorities are to break his promises to us, while doubling down on his promises to Israel and Russia. Trump is a zionist and a communist.

Tune in to the alt right and all is alright with Trump. They are not on our side, but are at Trump's side, the side of zionism and bolshevism.