Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Putin Ordered Trump to Attack Syria

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Both Vladimir Putin and his puppet Donald Trump were coming under increasing scrutiny for their collusion to subvert the American Presidential election with foreign influence. The dossier making several allegations against Trump compiled by Christopher Steele with the assistance of the since murdered Oleg Erovinkin and congressional inquiries had begun to persuade the international public that Trump is a traitor favoring Russian (and Israeli) interests over American.

Moscow ordered Trump to attack Syria so that it would appear that Trump had defied Putin, and so that the public would be distracted from news of the dossier and congressional investigations. The lack of a Russian response serves as proof that Putin ordered Trump to carry out the attack. It is troubling that the jewish controlled press took this opportunity to drop reports of Trump’s treachery to America in favor of Russia, because the attack serves Israeli interests in drawing America into the Middle East against Muslims, and serves to further devastate Syria, an ancient jewish objective. The jewish press has richly rewarded Trump and Putin for attacking Muslims, much to the detriment of Americans.