Friday, April 28, 2017

The Russians Are Encircling Germany and Will Exterminate the German Race

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

KGB Putin hosts massive celebrations in Russia to glorify the bolshevik destruction of Germany. His State run media rail against the "fascists" and celebrate the bolsheviks. Germany fought Russia in two world wars and inflicted massive casualties on the Russian People.

The Russians are eager to enslave and annihilate the German Race so that it can never again wage war on Russia, or offer any resistance to Russian aggression against Germany or any other nation.

The Russians, at the direction of the jews, enslaved East Germans, raped their females, exterminated their pow's and pitted them against West Germans making them the mortal enemies of their own people. After brainwashing a few generations of East Germans with bolshevik propaganda and the destruction of German culture, they feigned the break up of the Soviet Union and Warsaw Pact and unleased the East Germans on the West Germans, making it appear that the West Germans would assimilate the communists, when in fact the East Germans would convert the West Germans philorussism and bolshevism and turn them against the West and towards bolshevik "Eurasianism".

The jewish controlled media called upon Germans to give their East German brothers a boost and demonstrate their good will by electing the communist stasi agent, and long term friend of Vladimir Putin, Angela Merkel as their Chancellor. It was a fatal mistake and she and Schroeder made Germany dependant on Russian energy. She also opened the gates to the Muslims the jews were driving out of their own countries and created massive incentives for them to invade Germany. It was part of the bolshevik plan to genocide the German Race and Putin was and is a major figure in creating and carrying it out.

Having created the immigration crisis in Europe, the bolsheviks now propose the solution of turning Europeans against America and the NATO alliance and converting all European nations into vassal States of Russia, which in turn surrenders its sovereignty to Putin and Dugin's communist Eurasian agenda, which will ultimately and inevitably flood Europe with Chinese, Pakistanis and Indians in unprecedented waves that will dissolve the White Race in a single generation.

Putin is surrounding Germany with anti-NATO forces in Turkey, Greece, Hungary and France. He is working dilegntly to turn Poland and other nations against NATO, but given the long history of Russian tyranny in those nations, they still resist the communist demoralization which is working its works in Turkey, Greece, Hungary and France.

France as a proxy State for Russia is a very dangerous prospect for Germany. The Russians hate the Germans and Putin is throwing Germany on the twin horns of dilemma. If Germany remains in NATO, Putin may soon have it surrounded with enemies in the next world war. If Germany capitulates to bolshevik Putin and abandons its military alliances with the West, Putin will have expanded the Soviet Union to all of Germany and France and can then march in the Chinese, Pakinstanis and Indians at even faster rate than presently occurs under Putin's communist comrade Merkel.

If Germany remains in NATO Trump and Putin will use its sons and funds as fodder to fight jew wars against Muslims. Putin will maintain a perpetual war in the Middle East with his terror organ ISIS and Trump will direct NATO to join with Russia in killing Muslims, getting more Whites killed and hated. The armies will grow and Putin will turn the bolshevik armies of France, Turkey, Russia and China against the "fascists" of Germany and America.

Germany desperately needs out help to combat Putin and his goal of eradicating the German Race. Trump is a traitor who fails to address Le Pen's Putinism and desire to abandon NATO. Trump wants a weakened NATO to consume itself fighting Putin's ISIS and he wants to drive up our war debts to bankrupt us and he consumes our militaries fighting for the jews. Trump is softening us up and weakening our alliances for bolshevik takeover in the long run.

Trump will have a reduced NATO fight for Israel until Israel has complete hegemony over the Muslims and has occupied Greater Israel. NATO nations will dry up under the debt and fatigue of perpetual bolshevik war. Trump will hand over all of our intelligence and military secrets to Israel, which will share them with the communists.

These are very dangerous times. The German People are dying and Putin is dancing with joy along with all of jewry.

It is a false choice to chose between the bolshevik EU and its Muslim invasion, and the abandonment of Western Civilization in favor of a Eurasian Soviet Union and the inevitable invasion of the Asians into Europe in the billions. A far better option would be to choose to regain the national sovereignty of European nations, maintain and build on their military alliances against communist aggression in the form of the EU and Putinism, and drive out the non-European hordes which have invaded the Continent.

As things stand, Putin is trying to arrange for a grossly weakened and emasculated Germany to become enemies with France and Russia, or be forced to capitulate to Russian communism and tyranny, followed by the inevitable extinction of the German Race. The Russians never stopped fighting WW II and will see the Germans perish from the face of the Earth. Do not forget that Merkel is product of Putin's KGB, not Germany. It is the bolsheviks and jews who brought Germany into the EU and Putin's friend Merkel who opened the gates to Islam. Putin is a bolshevik working for the jews and is earning billions for his murderous labor at the expense of the Russian People and humanity.