Wednesday, June 21, 2017


Christopher Jon Bjerknes

My new book Putin's Reign of Terror the Permanent Revolution in Our Time is in print and available for purchase on, here:

Putin's Reign of Terror the Permanent Revolution in Our Time

On 16 August 1999, the Duma elected Vladimir Putin Prime Minister of Russia. He faced enormous opposition to his rule. On 26 August 1999, Putin began to attack the Chechen People on the pretext of suppressing the activities of the Islamic International Brigade and in response to the "Apartment Bombings" which Putin blamed on the Chechens, but which were in fact the work of the KGB/FSB. These international terrorists were working for Putin, not against him. Putin rapidly gained the popularity he was initially wanting and used it to elevate himself onto the lofty throne of a new Russian dictatorship. His feet barely reached the ground.

Vladimir Putin quickly restored the communist dictatorship of the Soviet Union with covert State sponsored terrorism which provided a pretext for ever expanding State powers. Putin took over control of the media and persecuted dissenting journalists, thereby insulating his communist kleptocracy from public scrutiny.

Vladimir Putin has used Chechen terrorists as a pretext to invade Chechnya, Georgia and Syria. In Chechnya, Ukraine and Syria, Putin has pitted Chechens against Chechens to intensify the fighting and amplify the destruction. Where the Chechen terrorists go, Putin and the Russian military follow, and occupy.

Reconstructing and expanding the Soviet Union as he goes, Putin has since followed the Chechen shock troops he commands all the way to Syria, where they lead ISIS. These same terrorists strike around the world at key moments in the election cycle of Putin's favored political candidates abroad, candidates who run on an anti-terrorism platform and benefit politically from the terrorism they ostensibly oppose. It is a generally unacknowledged fact that ISIS strikes in regions and at times which benefit Putin's preferred politicians abroad and at home. This cannot be a coincidence, given the numbers of attacks and their predictable effects on elections. But the author is alone in reporting this obvious fact to the world.

Putin and Trump are colluding to subvert and co-opt NATO and change its mission from defending Europe from Russia, to fighting self consuming wars against Muslims -- destroying their countries and the West for the benefit of Russia and Israel. The book exposes the hypocritical role neonazis play in undermining NATO and promoting KGB communist Vladimir Putin, and Putin's hypocrisy in supporting "fascists" abroad while outlawing Nationalism and anti-Semitism in Russia. It provides a history of the controlled opposition of Libertarianism to Communism, as well as Murray Rothbard's anti-American Soviet apologetics and Ron Paul's revealing Russian apologetics. Ayn Rand is exposed as a communist and zionist subversive, and member of the Soviet "Trust".

Trotskyite neoconservatives commandeered the Republican Party, and in collusion with Russia and Israel have forwarded the Marxist permanent revolution worldwide with false flag terrorism and endless wars. Given Americans' reluctance to fight more self-defeating wars against Islam, Putin now carries the torch of Trotsky's permanent revolution and engages in relentless false flag terrorism. He seeks to turn all of Europe into vassal States serving a new and enlarged Eurasian Soviet Union.

The communists are staging conflicts between bolshevik antifa and their neonazi twins so as to destabilize the West to the point of a crisis, at which point the communists will instigate civil wars and invade. The communists never stopped fighting WW II and seek to genocide the German People as an act of revenge and a means to prevent another counter-revolutionary war against Russian bolshevism.

I also cover Putin's lifelong relationship with Jews and his ties to Chabad Lubavitch and Israel. Jews put Putin in power and Jewish oligarchs exploit the nation. There is a large section on the British 2017 general election and the spate of terrorism that took place leading up to it. The Soviets created the modern anti-zionist movement and are using it to promote Muslim immigration to Europe and America, and to drive a wedge between the North Atlantic alliance and Israel, in favor of a Russian-Israeli alliance.


1 Putin's Reign and the Reign of Terror Commence in the Year 1999 . . . 5

1.1 Introduction . . . 5

1.2 Bolsheviks Always Use Terror to Promote Perpetual War and Perpetual Revolution . . . 12

1.3 Permanent Revolution and Permanent War . . . 15

1.4 The Assassination, Imprisonment and Intimidation of Critics, Whistleblowers and Journalists . . . 19

2 Putin Uses Terror as a Pretext to Become a Dictator . . . 23

2.1 Introduction . . . 23

2.2 Putin's Chechen Shock Troops . . . 26

3 Putin Uses Terror as a Pretext to Invade . . . 61

3.1 Introduction . . . 61

3.2 Georgia . . . 61

3.3 Chechen Interference in Ukraine . . . 63

3.4 Syria . . . 63

4 Putin Uses Terror to Sway Elections at Home and Abroad . . . 69

4.1 Introduction . . . 69

4.2 Putin Sponsors Foreign Candidates and Anti-West Agendas . . . 70

4.2.1 Putin Uses the Internet as a Weapon to Invade Privacy and Troll . . . 94

4.2.2 Putin Uses the Internet and a Controlled Press to Glorify Himself . . . 96

4.2.3 Putin's Foreign Puppets Serve as a Controlled Opposition to Subvert NATO and the West . . . 100

4.2.4 Surrender Europe to the Muslim Hordes, or Abandon NATO . . . 100

4.2.5 Putin Sponsors Pro-Russian Politicians in Former Soviet Republics . . . 102

4.2.6 The Communist "Anti-Zionist" Movement and the Islamic Invasion of Europe . . . 103

5 Putin Controls Antifa and Neo-Nazis to Destabilize the West . . . 125

5.1 Introduction . . . 125

5.2 Antifa Originated in the Soviet Union . . . 125

5.3 Kosher Nazis Troll the Web and Promote Putin and Trump . . . 127

5.4 The Enemy as Savior . . . 133

5.5 Hitler Was a Bolshevik . . . 134

5.6 Hitler's Permanent Revolution and Permanent War Handed Eastern Europe to the Soviets . . . 136

5.7 Hitler's Zionism Gave Palestine to the Jews and Jews to Palestine . . . 138

5.7.1 Putin Is a Zionist . . . 170

5.7.2 Putin and Oligarchs Claim Russian Wealth . . . 172

5.7.3 The Soviets' Permanent War on the Germans Never Ended . . . 175

5.7.4 North Korea Was Made in Russia . . . 210

Notes . . . 211