Saturday, July 08, 2017

A Case in Point: George Galloway

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Brandon Martinez has been kind enough to send me a few YouTube videos exposing anti-zionist, anti-West marxist George Galloway, which evince that the communist anti-zionists have, as I argue in my book, been heavily involved in the Muslim invasion of Europe, and are driving jews into an alliance with communism and Russia against the West. The effects of these marxist supposedly anti-zionist actions are to destroy the homogeneity of White nations and empower other races over Whites, as Galloway reveals is presently the case in South Africa and Great Britain, thanks to his work and that of his marxist colleagues.

At the same time that supposedly anti-zionist Galloway tries to seduce jews with the communist carrot of marxism, Putin's phony "fascists" are trying to scare jews away from the West with the stick of "anti-semitism". At the same time Galloway is befriending Muslims and welcoming them into Europe and the communist cause, Putin's phony "fascists" are alienating Muslims and crying out for more war against them. This makes the communists rulers over Muslims and all jews against the West.

Once the marxists have succeeded in turning Western jews against the West and have driven them into the hands of Russia and the communists, it will be easy for the Israeli-Russian, Zionist-Communist Axis to reveal itself to the world. Muslims, who have flooded Europe, will fight for the communists against Europeans and will be led in their fight against Whites by the communist jews, as Galloway has said happened with blacks against Whites in South Africa. Jews around the globe will cheer them on and fund them and celebrate them in their media. Israel will sit safely behind the iron curtain Russia will place over Islam and all of Europe and Asia.

Galloway an anti-zionist marxist who thinks that the greatest men of history were jews, reveals that he worked as an underground agent of the African National Congress led by imprisoned communist Nelson Mendela. He asks jews to turn from zionism to marxism. Galloway reveals that jews were prominent in helping him when he worked undercover. Galloway states that before zionism, "The greatest people on the earth were jews!"

Galloway Anti-West Russian apologist:

Galloway favors Muslim invasion of UK:

Galloway is an anti-Western North Korean apologist:

Thanks, Brandon! You can find Brandon's writings here: Brandon Martinez: