Friday, July 28, 2017

How the Jews Are Using Their Totalitarian Control to Cripple the Government

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Last November, I posted an article in which I opened the question of what would become of the Republicans' Red Russian totalitarianism:

America's New Experiment with Russian Totalitarianism November 09, 2016

Now, we know exactly what the communists and jews planned to do with their totalitarian control over our government. They are using their lock on government to shut it down and prevent it from doing anything to our benefit.

Wall Street has made a hostile takeover of the US Government and is now ruining the nation and stripping our assets, including our military and technological intelligence. They are even trying to make a merger with hostile Red Russia and have it rule not only America, but NATO as well, not for our benefit, but for the benefit of Red Russia, Red China and Israel.

It was reasonable to expect that totalitarian control would have led to rapid action, but the jews have instead used it to cripple us and prevent any progress in our favor. The Trotskyite Republicans have used their lock on government to shut it down while our communist enemies take leaps and bounds over and beyond us.

And the Christian Zionist heretics and alt right crypto-communists are working hard to ensure that the Trotskyite Republicans remain in power so that they can sell us out to Red Russia and Israel. It is time we form our own political party. We have a realistic chance at success.

Wall Street has bought our shares so that they can kill our company. There is no one to stop them but us.