Friday, July 07, 2017

KGB Putin's Troll Army of Hasbaratskys

Much like the Hasbara of Israel, Putin hosts an army of internet trolls. This demonstrates his evil nature in two profound ways. First, Putin is so villainous that he needs a paid, trained and scripted regiment of liars, smear mongers and sophists to cover up his multitude of crimes. Secondly, Putin is so nefarious, dishonorable and stereotypically KGB that he created and pays for this horde of demons, this gross gaggle of Putin's Hasbaratskys. Who else does this, other than Israel and Putin's Russia? Who else has to?

Their lack of civility, their violent crudity, their utterly soulless attacks are typically bolshevik, those bolsheviks who mass murdered 94 million people in cold blood. If you side with Putin, you are embracing bolshevism and the degradation of human kind into a rat-like existence.

On 2 April 2015, Shaun Walker wrote in his article for The Guardian, "Salutin' Putin: inside a Russian troll house":

"The nondescript building has been identified as the headquarters of Russia's 'troll army', where hundreds of paid bloggers work round the clock to flood Russian internet forums, social networks and the comments sections of western publications with remarks praising the president, Vladimir Putin, and raging at the depravity and injustice of the west."--Shaun Walker, "Salutin' Putin: inside a Russian troll house", The Guardian, (2 April 2015)

In her 27 July 2016 article for Business Insider, "It looks like Russia hired internet trolls to pose as pro-Trump Americans", Natasha Bertrand quoted Adrian Chen,

"'I created this list of Russian trolls when I was researching. And I check on it once in a while, still. And a lot of them have turned into conservative accounts, like fake conservatives. I don't know what's going on, but they're all tweeting about Donald Trump and stuff,' he said.

Linsky then asked Chen who he thought 'was paying for that.'

'I don't know,' Chen replied. 'I feel like it's some kind of really opaque strategy of electing Donald Trump to undermine the US or something. Like false-flag kind of thing. You know, that's how I started thinking about all this stuff after being in Russia.'

In his research from St. Petersburg, Chen discovered that Russian internet trolls — paid by the Kremlin to spread false information on the internet — have been behind a number of 'highly coordinated campaigns' to deceive the American public."-- Natasha Bertrand, "It looks like Russia hired internet trolls to pose as pro-Trump Americans", Business Insider, (27 July 2016).

In his 6 November 2016 article for The Guardian, "Invasion of the troll armies: from Russian Trump supporters to Turkish state stooges", Leo Benedictus wrote,

"Long before Donald Trump met Twitter, Russia was famous for its troll factories – outside Russia, anyway. Allegations of covert propagandists invading chatrooms go back as far as 2003, and in 2012 the Kremlin-backed youth movement Nashi was revealed to be paying people to comment on blogs. However most of what we know now comes from a series of leaks in 2013 and 2014, most concerning a St Petersburg company called Internet Research Agency, then just 'Internet Research'. It is believed to be one of several firms where trolls are trained and paid to smear Putin's opponents both at home and internationally."-- Leo Benedictus, "Invasion of the troll armies: from Russian Trump supporters to Turkish state stooges", The Guardian, (6 November 2016).

I wrote about this in my book and have been fully vindicated by the appearance of hordes of Putin's Hasbaratskys on YouTube. They are so over the top, it works against them, but they are a script and cannot realize the effect of their actions, because they are only focused on repeating the drivel first written down in Moscow and Tel Aviv.