Sunday, July 16, 2017

Life Behind the Islamic Iron Curtain, Is It Coming to America?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Wherever the bolsheviks gain a foothold fundamental human rights vanish. Erdogan has turned Turkey into a Turkish Soviet Socialist Republic serving Israel and Russia.

The jews first tried to turn Turkey under Erdogan into a model anti-zionist State, to replace Iran under Ahmadinejad. They had Erdogan play the role of Muslim anti-Zionist at Davos, Switzerland, as a ploy to turn jews towards communist Russia as their guardian, as opposed to NATO as Israel's guardian. Kurdish Mossad staged the Mavi Mamara event, where jews killed their Kurdish Mossad allies to unite the communist anti-zionists behind an increasingly bolshevised Turkey.

Cynthia McKinney and former US Marine Ken O'Keefe helped this campaign to have Turkey lead the controlled opposition to Israel, to lead the communist anti-zionists. McKinney has since discredited herself by her associations with former Marine Corps intelligence specialist Robert David Steele. O'Keefe was on the Mavi Marmara and supposedly disarmed Israeli soldiers only to ensure their safety and unload a confiscated weapon. Strange how O'Keefe guaranteed the safety of the Israelis and was released by them. O'Keefe tried to renounce his US citizenship but was not allowed to do so, another very odd situation. O'Keefe has called for a military coup in the US, which would hand the country over to the zionist communist revolutionaries who have been put in charge of American military, and they would promptly burn the US Constitution. I wonder if he favors a coup by Marine Corps intelligence officers. The only other likely outcome, and this is far more probable, is that the failed coup would serve as a pretext for Trump to assume dictatorial powers as Erdogan has done in Turkey.

Just as O'Keefe has been forgiven for his crimes against the US, Ergenekon affiliated Marxist Dogu Perincek was released and fully rehabilitated in Erdogan's Turkey, as has been the Ergenekon generally, as in its generals who led the failed coup. Perincek is a friend of anti-Western and anti-NATO fanatic Alexander Dugin. This, as Erdogan staged a second fake coup by supposed Gulen followers and used it as a pretext to drive Turkey away from its Western alliances and into Russia's sphere.

As always happens, the bolshevization of Turkey under Erdogan has torn away and shredded human rights protections and the Red Terror is now threatening to bring back the guillotines and mass murder the victims of Erdogan's false flag faked coup. I wonder if O'Keefe's false flag Marine Corps Intelligence coup would have a similar end result?

Joe Sterling and Samantha Beech report in their 16 July 2017 article, "A year after failed coup in Turkey, Erdogan says 'behead traitors'" for CNN,

"Over the past year, Erdogan and his government have clamped down on civil liberties across Turkey, gutted public institutions and universities, heavily restricted the media and ordered mass arrests of activists, journalists and the political opposition.

Since the coup attempt, more than 169,000 people have faced 'judicial action' ranging from travel restrictions and detentions to arrest warrants,, the justice ministry said, according to Anadolu."

Here is former Marine and veteran of the Mossad Mavi Marmara psy-op Ken O'Keefe calling for a military coup in the US:

Erdogan and the AKP helped flood Europe with Muslims and sought to open Turkey's borders. They play a key role in the use of Kurdish Mossad to keep the AKP and Erdogan in power, and to create chaos in Syria and Iraq leading up to the balkaniziation of both nations. Now that Putin and Merkel have succeeded in producing a Muslim invasion of Europe, Putin is leading his "fascists" and "anti-zionists" to destabilize Europe even further and drive them out of NATO. Having failed to install Le Pen, Putin and Trump are working with Merkel and Macron to isolate Germany between France and Russia and enable the genocide of the Germans to accelerate as Germany finds itself caught between a German-hostile Trump and genocidal anti-German Putin, who hosts anti-German parades.

Perhaps it is a coincidence that former Marine Ken O'Keefe, who just can't seem to shake his American citizenship, is promoting a military coup near the anniversary of the fake military coup in Turkey which was used a pretext to renew the Red Terror and seize dictatorial power. Or is someone trying to stage a military coup in America which will succeed and put communists in power, or fail and provide Trump with a pretext to seize absolute power, as Erdogan has done?

The Russians have long sought to keep American nuclear bombs out of Turkey. It was their pretext for sending nuclear armed missiles to Cuba. This led Kennedy to blockade Cuba and the KGB then assassinated him. The KGB continues to scapegoat the CIA for this crime. The Warren Commission attempted to prevent a nuclear war by falsely claiming that bolshevik Oswald acted alone, and in so doing wiped some of the egg off America's face and prevented the American People from demanding full scale war against the USSR.

The communists have since tried to provoke the USA to remove our nuclear weapons from Turkey as they drive a wedge between Turkey and NATO. They use the failed and phony coup as a pretext. At first calling upon Obama to take this action, they now demand Putin puppet Donald Trump pull America's nuclear weapons out of Turkey. This, as voices call for a Turkish style military coup in America, at least one of which is connected through various channels to the Mossad, Turkey and the Marine Corps. All of this has only two beneficiaries, philo-Russian Israelis and Putin's Soviets who want to take over all of Islam and trap it behind an iron curtain as Israel genocides the Palestinians and builds a temple to the jewish god on the site of the Al Aqsa Mosque and Dome of the Rock. It would be a good idea for them to keep nuclear bombs away from Muslims as they genocide them and anoint Al Dajjal in the jewish temple.