Monday, July 24, 2017

On Richard Spencer's Degenerative Jewish Philosophies

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Richard Spencer takes his philosophical cues from Cultural Marxists including the jew Paul Gottfried and the bolshevik Alexander Dugin. Dugin is simply an old school Russian bolshevist who wants the White Race to disappear through miscegenation. Gottfried was schooled in the Cultural Marxist Frankfurt School by Herbert Marcuse and now serves as the controlled opposition to it along with his parrot Spencer.

Jacob Siegel writes in his article, "The Alt-Right's Jewish Godfather: How Paul Gottfried—willing or reluctant—became the mentor of Richard Spencer and a philosophical lodestone for white nationalists", Tablet Magazine:

"After graduation, Gottfried returned to Connecticut to attend Yale as a doctoral student, where he studied under Herbert Marcuse. A chapter of his memoir is devoted to Marcuse, one of the seminal intellectuals of the Frankfurt school whose critique of mass democracy profoundly shaped the new-left. Though he belonged to the Yale Political Union's Party of the Right at the time, Gottfried 'studied under Marcuse as a rapt, indulgent disciple.' In later years, one reviewer called Gottfried a 'right-wing proponent of the Frankfurt school.' That description, while not strictly accurate, gives a sense of the overlap between Gottfried's radical criticism of modern liberalism and a certain left-wing line of attack."

Richard Spencer opposes ethnonationalism and is effectively a Coudenhove-Kalergist who seeks to meld the European Union into the Soviet Union in fulfillment of Dugin's objectives to destroy White Europe and enslave all of Europe to the mixed race Soviets:

The American cross breeding of Europeans was only successful because it derived from the finest genetic stock of Europe. The best of Europeans came to America, the smartest, boldest and most courageous who sought the free marketplace to turn their thoughts into profits. No such thing would occur in Spencer's neo-Kalergi European Union, where the worst stock would rapidly outbreed the best and in so doing produce Trotsky's "White Negroes".

Why would jews want Whites to view themselves as an interchangeable muttdom of any European stock, without borders or national traditions, heritage or tribal memories? It is because the jews believe that when different tribes interbreed their racial memories are lost, their guardian angels die off, and their protective gods are exterminated. This fact is eloquently explained in Max Heindel's Freemasonry and Catholicism, Fourth Edition, pp. 50-60. The fact that jews believe that human beings carry genetic ancestral memories that are destroyed by mixing is shown in Einsenmenger's Rabbinical Literature: Or, The Traditions of the Jews Contained in the Talmud and Other Mystical Writings, Volume 1 and Volume 2.

Globalist bolshevik Alexander Dugin freely admits that he simply wants to use White Nationalists to forward his global anti-White bolshevik agenda:

Alexander Dugin, On "White Nationalism" & Other Potential Allies in the Global Revolution

Richard Spencer's Russian wife Nina Kouprianova translated some of Dugin's writings, and this link to the Russians creates an obvious conflict of interests in Spencer's expressed views. Spencer is a kosher product and a judas goat leading us through the gates of hell to the bolshevik slaughter house.