Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Playing Kissy Face with the Russians

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

I received a letter from Brandon Martinez which called my attention to his articles addressing Alt-Right celebrity Richard Spencer and his Russian wife:

Martinez accuses George Galloway of gross hypocrisy in this article:

This video exposes many of Trump's Jewish connections:

This article addresses Spencer and his Russian wife:

Casey Michel, "Meet the Moscow Mouthpiece Married to a Racist Alt-Right Boss: She spreads the words of Russia’s most virulent propagandist. He’s a leading racist hate-monger. Nina Kouprianova and Richard Spencer are a very different kind of power couple", The Daily Beast, (20 December 2016).

While on the subject of Russian girlfriends, I am reminded that David Duke spent at least five years in Russia, Ukraine and Eastern Europe, apologizes for Putin, and had a Russian girlfriend. John DeNugent, who rightly praises the worth of Dr. Duke's many excellent books, wrote,

"I know the man [David Duke], and well! Margi and I stayed with him and his Russian girl, Maria, for a week in Austria in February 2007! However. I am telling you thist, that five long years after 9/11, in April 2006, Duke directly denied to me and to Margaret, in our apartment as we sat there in wonderment, that Israel planned and carried out 9/11. We were speechless."

The back of Dr. Duke's excellent book The Secret Behind Communism states,

"He [David Duke] spent five years in Russia, Ukraine and Eastern Europe where he researched the origins of the Communist Revolution and the genocide of Red Terror."

So why is Duke offering up apologetics for KGB communist Vladimir Putin when he ought to be citing Anatoliy Golitsyn to denounce him and the reformation of the Soviet Union? Surely, Duke is not unaware of the brutal and genocidal lineage of the Cheka, NKVD, KGB and FSB.