Monday, July 10, 2017

Putin Promoted the Neocon "War on Terror": The Trotskyite Neocon Subversion of NATO for Russia and Israel

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The first and only time NATO has invoked Article 5 was after the false flag attacks of 9/11, when the Trotskyite Neocons who controlled Washington scapegoated the Saudis for the terrorism they together with Israel had committed, and led NATO to a self consuming war against Russia's arch enemy Afghanistan. NATO was formed to defend us against the Russians. Why was it that Article 5 was invoked for the first and only time to fight Russia and Israel's enemy Afghanistan?

Clearly, the jewish Trotskyites were advancing the interests of communist Russia and zionist Israel against the NATO member states, by placing us in a self defeating fight for Russia against Afghanistan. Russia had occupied and fought against Afghanistan from 1979 to 1989. I discussed these facts in my book Putin's Reign of Terror the Permanent Revolution in Our Time and related interviews.

Brandon Martinez has called my attention to the fact that Putin and the Iranians were in on this scheme to crush Afghanistan. Brandon supplied me with this Barbara Walters interview, where Putin reveals that he was a part of the false flag attack and supported the Trotskyite Neocons in their attack on Islam and their scapegoating of Saudi Arabia:

The Iranians also helped the Trotskyite Neocons to fight their war for Russia and Israel:

Barbara Slavin, "Iran helped overthrow Taliban, candidate says", USA TODAY, 6/9/2005.

It is important to note that Putin declared that it would have been impossible for Russia to have reinvaded Afghanistan at that time, implying that America was there to do his dirty work.

Brandon Martinez also sent me this video which demonstrates the collaboration of the alternative media with Russia:

You can find Brandon's writings here: