Monday, July 17, 2017

Ramzan Kadyrov, the Leader of Putin's Chechen Shock Troops, Calls for Sine Missione Matches

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

When Boris Berezovsky, Vladimir Putin and the KGB/FSB waged war on the Chechens, Akhmad Kadyrov flipped and joined sides with the Russians. He was assassinated and his son Ramzan Kadyrov eventually took over as Putin's murderous attack dog. The story of the Kadyrovs is the story of Putin's duplicity, his false flag terrorism and his use of Chechens fighting Chechens in staged conflicts in many nations, all for the benefit of KGB Putin and his bolshevik permanent revolution.

Donald Trump made an ass of himself ten years ago in the WWE:

Now, Putin's other puppet Ramzan Kadyrov is degrading modern civilization even further and is calling for death match gladiator combat:

Kevin Iole, "Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov challenges UFC to series of 'fight to the death' matches", Yahoo Sports, (17 July 2017).

Kadyrov's boys play politics the same way. Zaur Dadaev, a leading member of the Kadyrovtsy, assassinated Putin opposition leader Boris Nemtsov by cowardly emptying a Makarov into him. Putin has these psychopaths creating mayhem at the same time he controls ISIS, and pits them against one another with no benefit to the Chechens, but great rewards for Russia and Israel.

Putin's Red Terror barbarism is creeping into every facet of our lives and the international media support him.