Wednesday, July 12, 2017

The Alt-Right and the Bolshevik Use of St. George and Archangel Michael for Propaganda

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Alt-Right and Putin apologists often depict themselves and/or Putin as if St. George the Dragon Slayer. See, for example, this:

On the famous Serbian icon St. George is slaying the dragon, and here St. Putin is killing Obama!

As I have previously noted, the bolsheviks employed this same imagery to glorify Trotsky and his mass murdering campaign against the "counter-revolution" that ultimately claimed tens of millions of lives:

What is yet more troubling is the promotion of the myth that Putin is either the Archangel Michael, or his heavenly sent instrument. The jews believe that Michael is their guardian angel and will protect them in the apocalyptic wars of the messianic age. The Jewish Encyclopedia in its article "Michael" states,

"Israel's Advocate.

One of the archangels one of the chief princes; (Dan. x. 13), who is also represented as the tutelary prince of Israel (ib. x. 21, xii. 1). The signification of the name (= 'Who is like El'?) was recognized by the Talmudists, who found an allusion to it in Ex. xv. 11 ([Hebrew deleted]) and in Deut. xxxiii. 26 ([Hebrew deleted]), combining the first word of the former passage with the second of the latter (Num. R. ii. 9). According to Simeon b. Lakish, however, the names of the angels were brought by the Jews from Babylon (Yer. R. H. 54d; Gen. R. xlviii. 9). Upon the basis of the above-cited passages from the Book of Daniel (where Michael is represented first as helping Daniel in his dispute with the angel of Persia and then as helping Israel in time of trouble—that is, in the Messianic time—and where he is styled 'your prince') Michael is specially designated in early Jewish writings and very frequently in the Book of Enoch as 'the prince of Israel' ([Hebrew deleted]), and in later Jewish writings, particularly in cabalistic works, as 'the advocate of the Jews.' It is for this reason that he is represented as the angel of forbearance and mercy (Enoch, xl. 3) who taught Enoch the mysteries of clemency and justice (ib. lxxi. 2)."

Andrew Anglin has claimed that god sent Putin:

The Christian zionists are laying hands on Anglin's God Emperor Donald Trump. Sam Kestenbaum reports for The Forward in his 12 July 2017 article, "Evangelical Leaders 'Lay Hands' On Trump In Oval Office":

"White-Cain and other leaders have 'laid hands' on Trump before — in 2015, a similar ceremony was held in Trump Tower, including a Hebrew blessing from a Messianic televangelist."

The Christian zionists will no doubt support communist KGB Putin's globalist war on terror. This is all deliberately done in artificial fulfilment of jewish messianic prophecy.