Saturday, July 08, 2017

The Alt-Right's Cabbalistic Sacrilege and Its Intended Effects

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

A true Christian would never refer to any man other than Jesus Christ as a "God Emperor". Only a communist would do that. Indeed, Korean communists refer to the Kim Dynasty as if gods. But calling a man "God Emperor" is a curse, as Robespierre discovered when Catherine Theot declared herself the "Mother of God", and Robespierre the Messiah. This sacrilege was employed as a pretext to chop off Robespierre's head.

The jews hate "God Emperors". Caligula, in the Roman tradition, placed a statue of himself as the god Jupiter in the jewish temple. Before Caligula, Antiochus IV Epiphanes declared that he was Jupiter, sacrificed a pig at the alter of the jewish temple and placed a statue of Jupiter in it.

The jews believe their god will destroy kings and nations which worship "God Emperors". The jews believe that such a man will lead an attack on Israel and the jews. The Christians and Muslims also believe that such an Anti-Christ / al Dajjal will arise. The jews are setting us up, when they, through their mouthpieces in the Alt-Right, declare that Putin and/or Trump are "God Emperors". They are plotting to pit us against each other in an apocalyptic war so as to justify the use of nuclear weapons against the Anti-Christ "God Emperor". These clowns are even hailing their "God Emperors" with the Roman salute, as a means of cursing the White Race to annihilation at the hands of the jewish god, who is pledged to avenge the Roman and Greek desecrations and destruction of the jewish temple, at which site both Putin and Trump have donned yarmulkes and supplicated themselves to the god of the jews.