Wednesday, July 12, 2017

The KGB Often Tries to Scapegoat the CIA for Its Crimes

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

I have often wondered why communists, anti-zionists, White Nationalists and libertarians spend so much time obsessing about the JFK assassination. The dots connect to a prolonged campaign to scapegoat the CIA for this KGB and Israeli crime. They also want to pit Americans against our own government and demoralize us so that we destroy our own intelligence agencies and turn to the KGB for our information.

The motives the communists ascribe to the CIA for allegedly murdering the President of the United States of America are implausible and forward the communist agenda by prompting us to:

1.) Reduce our military expenditures.

2.) Hate, hamstring and distrust our own government and intelligence agencies and shut them down, and that failing disbelieve and resist all they do, say and recommend (viz. Donald Trump's communistic attacks on our intelligence agencies).

3.) Resist any wars against communists.

The communists portray Kennedy as if a communist martyr and claim that the CIA murdered him because he sought to block the Vietnam War and wanted to rein in the CIA. But would Americans in the CIA assassinate the President just to keep their job security? Would they risk the ultimate humiliation of being exposed as treasonous murderers and potential execution for the sake of their meager pay checks? How could the numbers of Americans needed to cover up the murder and participate in it be found among the CIA?

This is very different from 9/11 where the zionist President himself sponsored the attack for the benefit of the Trotskyites, Israel and Russia, and benefitted from it. The Kennedy assassination was an attack on the President, not for the President.

Compare those unrealistic motives to the real motives the KGB had to kill Kennedy. Kennedy blockaded Cuba and humiliated Nikita Khrushchev.

The KGB has several motives to shift the blame from communist traitor Lee Harvey Oswald to the CIA. For example, by scapegoating the CIA, they paint themselves as the victim of their crime against the USA. Jewish communist Mark Lane set forth the theory that the CIA killed Kennedy. Lane was a communist and a lawyer for suicide cult leader Jim Jones. Lane wanted to move the cult from Guyana to the Soviet Union. He was with the Jones cult before, during and after the mass suicide. Lane's associates tried to pin the blame for this communist cult on the CIA, pointing out that Lane had served in Army intelligence in WW II. Lane clearly flipped or was always an agent of communism. Lane financed and led Vietnam War protest movements, which benefitted the communists. Lane was also a lawyer for Liberty Lobby. Lane's career matches those of other Kennedy assassination theorists in several key ways.

Michael Collins Piper was a homosexual with a black lover who promoted White Nationalism. He was a close friend of Mark Lane. Collins tied in the CIA theory to Israel and asserted the motive for the assassination was to safeguard Israel's nuclear weapons program, a far more plausible motive. But Collins rejected the ties to the communists. Mike Piper was a staunch Stalin apologist. He supported Iran, Barack Obama and Hugo Chavez, and sought funding from the communist dictator who sought to turn all of Latin America into a Red Empire. Collins, like Lane, sponsored the growth of communism to our South. He defended the KGB narrative of Putin's invasion of the Ukraine and annexation of the Crimea. Collins was a sophist and was paid to spread KGB disinformation and at crucial times to serve as a lightning rod for infighting. Piper claimed that he was motivated by his hatred of the Vietnam War. Piper covered the neocons and the Israeli involvement in 9/11, but covered up Putin's and Ron Paul's participation in defending the official narrative that Saudi Arabia was responsible for the attack. Piper also did not reveal to his audience that Putin supported the war on terror and provided Russian help to the attack on Afghanistan. Putin promoted a global army to fight the war on terror, which he created in 1999. Courtesy of Brandon Martinez, see;

"9/11 inside job 'impossible to conceal,' says Vladimir Putin", RT, (2 August 2011).

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Putin apologist Oliver Stone produced a film that advanced JFK assassination conspiracy theories. Stones has produced three films attacking the Vietnam War. He has also made a movie supporting the left in Latin America and attacking the right. Like Piper, Stone supported Chavez, Iran and Barack Obama. Stone also supports KGB Wikileaks and the KGB narrative on Putin's invasion of the Ukraine. He made three films about communist dictator Fidel Castro.

I could break down the many JFK conspiracy theorist who are a vocal part of the Putin Suicide Cult, but it would become tedious. Courtesy of Brandon Martinez, I will leave you with the premier KGB Kennedy assassination conspiracy theorist, the communist dictator, KGB cold warrior in Germany and former director of the FSB Vladimir Putin:

You can find Brandon's writings here: