Tuesday, July 18, 2017

The Kosher Kushner Clan

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Ivanka Trump's husband Jared Kushner is the son of convicted felon Charles Kushner. Charles Kushner hired a prostitute to seduce William Schulder, who was his sister Esther's husband, and record her sexual encounter with him. Charles Kushner then had the recordings sent to his sister Esther.

Charles Kushner was intimately involved in jewish politics. Dina Matos McGreevey, former wife of disgraced New Jersey governor Jim McGreevey, wrote in her book Silent Partner: A Memoir of My Marriage,

"It was during this time that Jim is said to have begun his adulterous affair with Golan Cipel. I knew Golan. Not well, but I knew him. And here's what I knew: Golan was an attractive Israeli in his early thirties, with a pleasant, boyish face and thick, dark hair. Jim had met him in Israel in March 2000, just several weeks after he and I got engaged. The two men had hit it off, and Jim invited Golan to come and work on his campaign. Taking Jim at his word, Golan arrived in the United States of April 2001 to work, not for Jim but for a public relations firm associated with Charles Kushner, the wealthy real estate magnate who had contributed well over a million dollars to Jim's campaigns. In fact, Kushner was Golan's sponsor for a work visa. By September 2001, Golan begun to work directly for Jim's campaign as his liaison to the Jewish community. It seemed odd to many that Jim had picked an Israeli with no connection to New Jersy or to New Jersey's Jewish community for this position, but Golan did have a definite connection to Charles Kushner, who was very active in the New Jersey Jewish community and, given his donations to Jim, very influential in Jim's campaign choices. In politics everywhere, he who pays the piper calls the tune, so I just always assumed that Jim was accomodating Kushner. A report published in the Bergen Record places Golan at the Democratic headquarters at Woodbridge on 9/11. 'He was one of many campaign officials who gathered at Democratic Party offices on the top floor of a Woodbridge skyscraper that had a clear view of the World Trade Center towers,' wrote a. . ."

McGreevey made his Israeli gay lover Golan Cipel his homeland security adviser.

This bizarre international intrigue and the use of prostitutes to compromise people reminds one of similar accusations made in the Trump dossier against President Trump, accusations which Trump and Putin have denied, and which dossier does contain known errors.

Jared Kushner has numerous ties to the Chabad Lubavitch sect, as Sean Jobst demonstrates in his 23 February 2017 article Chabad Links Bind Alt-Media Darlings Trump and Putin. Sean Jobst also keenly addresses Vladimir Putin's deliberate destruction of Syria and his corrupt use of State powers to reap profits for himself and the oligarchs who thrive together with him. Jobst writes in his 1 May 2017 article Thoughts on Vladimir Putin's Russia,

"The Oded Yinon Plan which was laid out in 'Kivunim' ('Directions'), magazine of the Jerusalem-based World Zionist Organization, in 1982 foremost spoke of destabilizing Iraq, Syria and Lebanon and pitting the various forces in those countries against each other so Israel can continue to benefit. This was also highlighted in the Neocons' 'Clean Break' document to Netanyahu in 1998 and Michael Flynn's Defense Intelligence Agency's famous 2012 memorandum advocating the growth of ISIS and other armed fanatic groups. Its also a matter of competing oil pipelines with either Russian oligarchs or U.S., Saudi and Qatari oligarchs who want only to profit by stealing the resources with the connivance of their respective client governments -- themselves local corrupt leaders who care nothing about their peoples or nations."

Stormfront maintains a thread devoted to revealing Putin's ties to the jews, many of whom he has made rich, and those who put him in power: