Saturday, July 08, 2017

The Putin Suicide Cult, the Multicultural Suicide Cult and Communist Jim Jones

Suicide cult leader Jim Jones was a bisexual, race mixing communist. His suicide cult was either a trial balloon for the multicultural ruin of Europe, or served as the model for it. Perhaps it was both.

Putin has also followed the example of communist Jim Jones. The Alt-Right and libertarian media have made the Putin cult they created a suicide cult. It is easier to commit suicide when you are relentlessly told that you are already dead and it is the consistent mantra of the Alt-Right and libertarian media that the West, and primarily America, are dead.

Jim Jones made a career out of promoting integration. He had homosexual and heterosexual relations with his multiracial cult members. Jones insisted that his church be a rainbow of gays and all races. The jewish multiculturalists are trying to turn all White nations into one large suicidal Jonestown.

Jones adopted three Korean children into his "rainbow family" and was an apologist for Kim Il-Sung, the founder of the communist Kim Dynasty that was put in power by Soviet Russia. Kim Il-Sung was a major in the Soviet Army. Kim Il-Sung created a national cult, which worships him and his descendants as gods. The Alt-Right is telling us that Putin and Trump are "god emperors". They are also telling us that we are already dead and must commit suicide for the benefit of Russia, Red China and North Korea.

Meanwhile, Russian agent Angela Merkel is demanding that Europe commit suicide to atone for its "racism". The multicultural suicide cult exalts itself in murderous self hatred. Marxists in Europe wave Soviet flags and apologize for Putin, while opening the gates to an invasion of non-Europeans.

The Alt-Right and libertarians demand that we abandon NATO and open the gates of Europe to a Russo-Sino communist invasion, which will include the nuclear bombing of European capitals at a minimum. Jim Jones wanted a nuclear war, and he wanted the communists to win it.

Your god emperors are conspiring to kill you off, and that failing, to have you kill yourself and your nation and do their dirty work for them.