Thursday, July 20, 2017

The Russians Are Blackmailing Trump Through His Children

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Russians do not need the Kompromat alleged in the famous Trump dossier to blackmail Trump. They have his children in a vise and the main stream and alternative media both play a role in the communists' ability to extort Trump.

The alternative media, which promotes the Putin Suicide Cult, can leverage Trump by pointing to his multitude of jewish connections, most prominently his son in law Jared Kushner and his jewish daughter Ivanka Trump. They serve Putin by ridiculing Trump for any policies he institutes or actions he takes which oppose the communist agenda. They attacked the President when he bombed Syria, and when he threatens the Red Chinese and/or North Korea. These attacks usually include smearing him for his jewish government, and focus in on Ivanka Trump and especially Jared Kushner, directly threatening Trump's immediate family with jail time and public humiliation.

The main steam press and main stream comedians who serve as propagandists for the Democratic Party are now after Donald Trump, Jr. and are calling for him to be prosecuted. They use this leverage as a means to force the balkanization of Syria, the gaying up of America and uncontrolled immigration.

The Russian bolsheviks are able to blackmail Trump in this way and are doing so. If Trump fails to obey his Red and jewish masters, they will seek to imprison his children, as well as the President himself. Given this proven conflict of interests, Trump is obliged to wage war on his blackmailers, or resign. Instead, he is openly succumbing to them and clinging to his power to serve their interests, not ours.