Sunday, July 09, 2017

The Same Communist Illogic Governs both the Multiculturalist Suicide Cult and the Putin Suicide Cult

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

It is a testament to the effectiveness of communist brainwashing that many of the very same people who decry the illogic of multiculturalism embrace it in the form of Putinism. They believe they are intellectually superior to the multiculturalists, just as the multiculturalists believe they are intellectually superior to the White Nationalists and libertarians. Bear in mind that I am creating an artificial and inaccurate distinction, to the extent that many multiculturalists are also Putinists, especially in the nations he openly rules.

Multi-Cult: Bring in Foreigners to Replace Us

Most people who oppose multiculturalism realize that it is irrational for the governments of Europe to demand an increase in non-European immigration as a response to the decrease of White populations in Europe. Obviously, the governments should instead fix the problem and prioritize and promote an increase in the birthrate of the indigenous population. The communist sophistry of multiculturalism cannot survive rational analysis.

Putin-Cult: Kill the West to Save the World

Many of these same people who oppose the irrationality and suicidal doctrines of multiculturalism have been corralled into adopting the suicidal dogma of the Putin Cult. Together with the Multi-Cultists, they embrace internationalism and support our foreign enemies against us and ask them to save us by killing us off. Ignoring the history of bolshevism and its current crimes, they accept the delusion that Putin's Russia, Red China and North Korea are shining examples of the best humanity has to offer. They mindlessly regurgitate the obviously false mantra that the West is dead and worse than these authoritarian hell holes. They are blind to the fact that the oppressed masses are eager to invade the glorious West, and no one is risking their life to emigrate to Russia, Red China or North Korea.

Sane Approach

The Putin Suicide Cult justifies its manufactured self hatred by claiming that NATO and America are the source of the world's problems and therefore must die, though they themselves will die with it. They have the identical mindset as the Multiculturalist Suicide Cult, i. e. the suicide solution. Jewry is in fact the cause of these problems and the only rational solution is to address that problem. Western suicide will not accomplish that end to the world's jewish problem, but will instead make the jews all powerful with no hope that White brains and White armies can oppose jewish oppression.

Rational people fix that which is broken, rather than committing suicide to avoid the root cause of their problems. Instead of destroying NATO and America, we should address the jewish corruption of NATO and America and fix NATO and America. We do not kill our children when they are suffering from an infection, we heal them and defeat the infection. Our children then become our saviors, not bacteria and viruses. In this way we not only survive, we become stronger and better.

Multi-Cult: Foreign People Are Our Saviors

The Multicultural Suicide Cult holds that the invasion of foreign enemies saves our societies by replacing us, filling our jobs, our prisons, our schools, our hospitals, and they righteously poison and infect our subhuman population with new diseases, rapes and other crimes, as a form of justice for the crimes of our ancestors committed against their ancestors. It eludes them that if was wrong then, it is wrong now.

Putin Cult: Enemy Foreign Leaders Are Our Saviors

Likewise, the Putin Suicide Cult holds that we should look to foreign enemies as our saviors, because they are pledged to exterminate us, and they will thereby serve up justice for the crimes the jews have caused us to commit. They do not demand any like justice be served upon the jews. Instead, they ask the jews to go to Palestine and steal more land, or to Russia so that they can help the bolsheviks exterminate us. As devout cult members, they entertain no logic or facts which shatter their illusions. All they are capable of doing is refusing to think while singing the praises of their cult leader, anti-fascist KGB bolshevik Vladimir Putin, champion of the jews.

Sane Approach

Of course, as living beings were are survival bound to fight our enemies, not side with them against ourselves. We are duty bound to support our allies as a means of self defense, not subvert them in favor of our common enemies. And in order to survive, we must confront our internal enemies and destroy them, not ourselves; and thereby fix that which is wrong, rather than commit suicide for the benefit of our enemies. All this was commonly and instinctively understood, before the internet enabled the jewish communists to poison the minds of the libertarian and Alt-Right Putin Suicide Cult members.

So we see that the Multi-Cult and the Putin Cult share the same suicidal delusions. This is not coincidental. The same communist perverts manufactured the dogma of both Putinism and Multiculturalism and infected the minds of our people with them. It is funny, I expect the Multi-Cultists will agree with everything I say about the Putin Cultists, while rejecting all I say about them. Likewise, the Putin-Cultists will find my statements about the Multi-Cultists insightful and correct, but dogmatically oppose all I say about them. Maybe it is not funny, just sad that these people are so gullible and are taking the rest of us down with them.