Monday, July 03, 2017

The Socialist Left Is Moving the Iron Curtain from Berlin to Cyberspace

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Hate speech against Germans is not only protected in Germany, it is there the law of the land that any references to the so-called "Holocaust" vilify Germans and sanctify Jews. The truth is no defense against the accusation of failing to hate Germans and glorify Jewry. In fact, no defense can be presented in court which proclaims the innocence of Germans, nor the guilt of Jews. All such speech must be, by law, hate-filled and lie-filled against Germans.

But such laws are not enough for the socialist left. They feel they are obliged to trap Germans behind an iron curtain of Soviet style absolute censorship with big brother monitoring all communications from abroad. They are demanding that the world censor itself or pay up to the leftist extortionists, who protect the hatred of Germans, while forbidding expressions of the truth which favor Germans.

They, the socialist left, demand that we examine and record all communications and censor those which the socialist left insist be suppressed. Clearly, they are not interested in protecting Germans from anti-German hate, but rather they, together with Putin, want the world to hate Germans and insist that nothing is said to counter this genocidal agenda against Germans.

The public architect of this legislation placing Germany behind an iron curtain is Heiko Maas. Maas was a protégé of ultra-leftist Oskar Lafontaine.

Donald Trump and Angela Merkel are increasingly driving a wedge between America and Germany, and breaking the bonds of NATO, by design. There is now talk of a European army, which will lack the force of American nuclear weaponry. Should Putin puppets Trump and Merkel succeed in ruining NATO, article 5 will disappear with it, and Russia will then be able to invade the Baltics and the rest of Europe without fear of American military force. They will be able to wage nuclear war on Europe, with no inhibition that the NATO treaty will compel an American nuclear strike against Russia. Merkel is working to make Europe an enemy of America and Russia so as to remove Europe's American protection and provide Putin and the Red Chinese with a pretext to take Germany and the rest of Europe.

And the German socialist left is working diligently to ban my words in defense of the German People and their continued existence from ever reaching German eyes. They are raising an iron veil over the internet not to protect Germans, but rather to insulate, silence and genocide them.