Monday, July 24, 2017

The US Government Should Freeze Putin's Assets

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

If Robert Mueller wants to track down Trump's connections to Putin, the government should enforce the Magnitsky act and freeze Putin's assets. In pursuing Putin's wealth, the KGB financial network will be uncovered.

The US Government can also seek to close off Russia from the international banking system. Putin will become such a liability to the jews, that they will unseat him from power. Bill Browder has revealed why it was so important to set up a quid pro quo with Trump to elect him in exchange for the repeal of the Magnitsky Act. Putin fears that his assets will be frozen:

It will only be just for America to retaliate against Putin for undermining our political process by enforcing our laws against him. Kleptocrat Putin is not entitled to his bolshevik begotten gains in any event. Like Lenin, he has raped the wealth of the Russian nation and sent its gold and treasures abroad. He has fattened his jewish friends and taken the life blood of Russia from its people. And he has committed acts of war against the United States of America.

So follow the money, Mueller, and freeze it. Give us some justice and get the Russian bolsheviks out of our elections and our lives.

We should impeach Trump. We should also found a new political party that runs on a platform of opposing the Republicans' Russia and Israel first treason, as well as attacking the Democrats for empowering Red China and opening our borders. We have a golden opportunity, not Putin's favored type of gold, but a chance at real political power. The American People are disgusted with both the Democrats and the Republicans. If we can educate them to the fact that the entire global war on terror is fake and was created by Trotskyite Neocon jews, Vladimir Putin and Israel, we can win Americans over to our side.

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