Saturday, August 26, 2017

A Model White Supremacist Community

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

All throughout recorded history, there have been two primary factors resulting in miscegenation in White nations, which have killed the genius of the founding peoples of those nations.

One problem has been the creation of empires, which results in cosmopolitan cities that produce miscegenation. The other and often related problem is the importation of foreign cheap labor, usually in massive numbers, to perform the menial tasks the ruling races elect not to perform for themselves. Eventually, interbreeding occurs, especially as jews promote the rebellion of the lower classes against their rulers, and the quality of the race is diminished to the lower common denominator, resulting in equality at the bottom.

We now have a means to avoid these problems, while creating an even higher standard of living, and attracting the brightest and best Whites to join in the community. We could solicit the participation of engineers, software designers, and robotics manufactures and maintenance specialists, to construct a largely self sustaining society where the menial tasks are performed by robots. This would have a eugenic effect, at least as regards to intelligence, by attracting the most intelligent class of Whites, while obviating the desire to import cheap, generally non-White labor.

It would also create a high tech and dominate culture and offer the attraction of being the most vanguard place to live on earth. We could construct self sustaining robotics factories as a source of revenue, and send out our people to construct new communities on our model, creating an empire without race mixing, thereby solving both problems without breeding out the White Race.

The community would become a magnet for the best of the refugees of White flight and attract those most loyal to the race. This would place a breeding pressure on immigration and create a filter that would promote genetic resistance to miscegenation.

We need to attain political supremacy so that we can draft laws which favor our interests and allow us to build White communities.