Friday, August 11, 2017

Brendon O'Connell Tried to Hide and Nick Spero Lied

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Unable to find fault with the facts and logic I presented in my expose on plagiarist Brendon O'Connell, O'Connell has teamed up with Nick Spero to attack me for telling the truth about O'Connell. Nick Spero lied and claimed I did not know who Edward Teller was. In fact and contrary to Spero's false claim, in the interview with Kyle Hunt to which Spero refers, I pointed out that Edward Teller was behind the development of the hydrogen bomb and stated that though he is not on our side, he was a brilliant scientist. Not much else to address in Spero's rant other than the fact that Spero was praising me until I exposed Brendon, and now wants to glom onto O'Connell as O'Connell parrots my work.

While disingenuously pretending to address my complaints against him, Brendon hid from the facts I presented exposing him here:

Brendon O'Connell Should Stop Plagiarizing My Work, August 06, 2017

It is no wonder O'Connell lost his case in Australia. He substitutes emotion for reason and facts, then runs and hides. He is now a fugitive spying on Muslim nations.

Is it true or not, Brendon, that you are part Aboriginal Australian? Can you not see how that racial mixing in your blood literally colors your perspective and clouds your thinking? Why do you never mention it? Do you allege it is illogical or factually incorrect to state the fact that the White Race controls the vast majority and the most powerful nuclear weapons in the world and has the potential to dominate all others with the force of those weapons and secure the survival of the White Race for the foreseeable future?

Why do you not address your personal bias when you forward a race mixing and multicultural agenda? Why do you demand that Whites not look after their own interests? Why do you pretend that it bothers you that the Palestinians are being ethnically cleansed, but you do care not about the fact that White Australians, White Europeans and White Americans are being ethnically cleansed? Is it because you are yourself of mixed race? Or is there someone directing your campaign to quell the rising tide of awareness of White genocide?

Why must we always be on the defensive in your view? Can we not take the lead and offer a bright future for the White Race? Must our message always be reactive and negative allowing the jews to always be the focus of attention as they genocide the White Race? Must everything be a response to the jews so that only they dominate the discourse while Whites are genocided? Why should we always and only focus on them and not our own self interests in survival? It is obvious that you are working for the jewish agenda to genocide the White Race, Brendon. A constantly negative and demoralizing message only serves the jews and you are deliberately covering up their campaign to genocide the White Race. Why do you insist that we remain silent on the issue of White genocide? Why do you advocate the delusion that there is time to wait to address the issue and try to make it taboo?

How is it that you allege to know I have never mentioned "Operation Talpiot" if you have not followed my work, as you concomitantly allege? You are clearly lying when you say you have not followed my work. You parrot it regularly and claim to know every word I have written and spoken, or how else is it that you claim to prove the negative of your repeated allegations that I have never mentioned "Operation Talpiot"? You know what I said in my Red Ice interview but claim you haven't heard it, though you claim to quote from it. That is a neat trick! Why didn't you simply admit your plagiarism and apologize, instead of whining and whimpering that you are supposedly a victim for stealing my work? Why do you pretend to respond to my article exposing you and your lies, when you concurrently pretend not to have read it? How did you know, as but one example, that I pointed out that you were spying on Iran to defame the Iranians who tried to help you?

Now on to more serious matters. Brendon O'Connell is an old fan and supporter of Eric Hufschmid. Eric Hufschmid was a notorious smear monger whose sister just happened to be married into the Murdoch clan, the Australia media mogul family.

O'Connell, like Hufschmid, is obsessed with Christopher Bollyn. He reminisces about the "Skunk" whose website was in part a Hufschmid creation. Now, O'Connell has adopted a Hufschmid smear monger routine.

O'Connell is also an agent provocateur trying to lure Australians into getting themselves in trouble with the law on the pretext of making a test case. He tries to ensnare the poor and naive who have no chance to win their case into incriminating themselves. He is also an agent provocateur calling for a military coup in the USA. In additon, O'Connell has asked his audience to dox themselves to the US government by voluntarily calling the government to complain. That was what Daryl Bradford Smith and Eric Hufschmid used to do.

O'Connell claims to be the only one who is speaking the truth. It is the classic tell of a Cointelpro operative like O'Connell to claim that he is the only person speaking the truth and that everyone should acknowledge him as their leader. That was also the method of Daryl Bradford Smith and Eric Hufschmid, Hufschmid whose sister was married into the Murdoch clan.

Nick Spero has himself stated that O'Connell's claims regarding "Operation Talpiot" are not true. Why would anyone repeat what is not true? Why would O'Connell smear people for not parroting his falsehoods? This video addresses that issue:

O'Connell claims that I do not talk about Israel's transfer of our military technology to our enemies, while O'Connell irrationally concurrently claims to not know what I have said. In fact, I have been talking about Israel's theft of our technology and military secrets and their treachery in providing them to the communists for a very long time before Brendon O'Connell:

This Is What the Jews Gave to the Communists in Russia and China So They Will Murder Your Children, December 28, 2013

One the themes of my book E = mc2 and the Jewish Agenda is that jews gave Israel and Russia our nuclear weapons secrets and thereby created the system of Mutually Assured Destruction. Plagiarist Brendon O'Connell is now parroting what I wrote a year ago in this article Trump's Plan to Open Up Our Intelligence Agencies to Israel Is Suicidal, August 01, 2016, though at the time I wrote these words O'Connell was cheerleading for Putin and Trump:

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Donald Trump has pledged to open up our intelligence agencies to our enemy Israel. Many are familiar with Israel's espionage on American intelligence and the damage it has caused because of the disloyalty of the jew Jonathan Pollard. Lesser known are the many other times the Israelis have exploited our military secrets to our detriment.

See, for example, how the jews have treacherously funneled our military technology to the Chinese communists who threaten to exterminate us with nuclear weapons:


U.S. Furious With Israel After Sale of Advanced Military Technology to China

Seymour Hersh wrote in his book The Samson Option,

"A former high-ranking NSA official recalled his anger upon subsequently learning early in the Reagan administration that Israeli military officers were permitted to attend Pentagon meetings at which future missions and orbital flight paths for the KH-11 were discussed. 'People who knew about it wanted to puke,' the former official said. 'With the care this [the KH-11] got everywhere else, this blew our minds.' [***] Ariel Sharon concluded after the cabinet room meeting that the United States was not a reliable strategic ally. He turned to a clandestine Israeli intelligence agency controlled by his defense ministry, whose operations at the time were not fully understood by Washington, and stood by as it intercepted intelligence on the Middle East and Soviet Union from the most sensitive agencies in America--the kind of intelligence that Israel had been told it would no longer be able to get. An American Jew working in the U.S. intelligence community had volunteered his services to the agency several years earlier; he would soon be put to work spying on his country for Israel."–S. Hersh, The Samson Option, Random House, New York, (1991), pp. 14, 16.

The jews are turning to Russia to be their new slave army and bolshevize all of Islam to place it behind an iron curtain, so that the jews can destroy the Al Aqsa Mosque and Dome of the Rock with impunity and build their temple on the site. The jews prefer the Russians' rejection of human rights, to America's embrace of human rights. The jews were the masterminds of the Soviet Union and want to place all of Islam and the White Race under its absolute control.

Trump should never advocate giving our mortal enemy Israel access to our intelligence information or military secrets. Trump is advocating treason!

While O'Connell was cheerleading for Putin and Trump, I was warning the world that Trump was in bed with Putin and would sell us out to Israel and its ally Red Russia, including transferring our intelligence to Russia and Israel:

Definitely a Zionist, But Is Donald Trump also a Communist Traitor? July 21, 2016

Benedict Donald, Traitor Trump Again Commits Treason, July 27, 2016

America's New Experiment with Russian Totalitarianism, November 09, 2016

When O'Connell added something I found noteworthy to the theme I had been covering for a decade, I drew attention to it and cited it referencing him by name. His response? He stabbed me in the back and attacked me for it claiming I was trying to set him up with racism! That is the difference between us. Brendon O'Connell is a liar, a fugitive coward on the run, a plagiarist, a spy, an agent provacateur and a back stabber. . . and a poisonous hypocrite. At the same time that O'Connell encourages naive young Australians to incriminate themselves and enter the court system, O'Connell is running from the law! He must be working for someone. There is no other rational explanation for his irrational behavior. And it is not in opposition to the jews.

Brendon is also lying when he claims that the reason why he stabbed me in the back in 2010 was for my racial views. The truth is that he accused me of attacking him personally in my general criticisms of Christianity, which made no mention of him. His backstabbing and profanity laden rant had nothing to do with race. Additionally, I had been criticizing Christianity for my entire life and did so in my interviews and writings long before I had the misfortune to encounter Brendon O'Connell. O'Connell cruelly attacked the physical appearance of Lady Renouf in the same rant and was trying to demand money from many people as he smeared them. O'Connell was not interested in proof that the jews are racist, including the Old Testament. O'Connell handed the jews an easy victory and I am coming to believe it was by design.

I have been pointing out the Iranians ties to Israel and communism for more than a decade. I point out O'Connell's espionage on Iran in order to demonstrate the fact that he is a spy, who has moved freely to Iran and Malaysia despite being a fugitive. O'Connell creates a false dichotomy between the Israeli subversion of Iran under its current leadership, and the O'Connell's avowed worship of Ahmadinejad. But O'Connell himself offers up a video from 2008 declaring that Iran would dominate the Middle East with Russia in the background. Crypto-jew Ahmadinejad, Brendon's hero, was the President of Iran in 2008. It seems Brendon's handlers would like to see Ahmadinejad back in power, which is at least part of the evident purpose of O'Connell's spying on the nation. The Israelis loved Ahmadinejad, as I was pointing out a decade ago.

So what are O'Connell's current objectives? He is smearing people and trying to provoke people into getting themselves in trouble in Australia so the Australian media will have another circus to present where they can paint the jews as victims, this as he hides from prosecution or pretends to.

Brendon O'Connell is pushing multiculturalism and race mixing and smearing any and all who want to preserve the White Race. O'Connell has an anti-White agenda and Nick Spero is cheering it on and lying to support O'Connell. Do not expect O'Connell to address these facts. Expect him to continue to lie and plagiarize as he uses Nick Spero to try and build an audience so that he can break apart any unity among people who want to preserve the White Race.

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