Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Correspondence Regarding Soviet Trust Agent Alisa Zinov'yevna Rosenbaum aka "Ayn Rand"

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

I am engaging in a correspondence with someone who disagrees with my views of "Ayn Rand". Here are my first three letters in response.


I will add a fuller reply later, but I just want to agree with you about the many evils of Christianity. I am not advocate of Christianity. I suspect you are referring to where I wrote:

"While Jews famously provided communal support and charitable assistance for their own, Rosenbaum helped to create the destructive 'me generation' attitudes in Americans, which undermined the good nature of Christianity, weakened communities and inhibited the advancement of the poor and middle class. Her beliefs also fostered the drug culture, pornography and the destruction of public education. While Jews promoted strong community ties, Rosenbaum taught the Gentiles to be selfish and 'independent', meaning without any sense of social responsibility or communal cohesion."

There is a very good side to Christianity and a very bad side to Christianity. Rosenbaum strengthened the bad side: zionism, the irrational hatred of Arabs and the sense of choseness of the "elect" in Protestantism; while concurrently weakening the good side of Christianity: social conscience, opposition to usury, communal responsibility, duty, group honor, charity, selflessness, etc.

Rosenbaum left Russia at the tail end of the Trust program. She was assisted by bolshevik Hollywood. Like a typical crypto-jew and communist she used a pseudonym. She became, together with Leo Strauss, a leading philosopher of the Trotskyites. She, like Strauss, helped create the philosophy of arrogance and entitlement that justifies the lies of government leaders to the people. Her philosophies misrepresent the realities of how wealth and psychopathic greed coupled with immorality destroys civilization. Her solution to class warfare is group disloyalty of the rich to society and the exploitation of the national resources by a privileged class to destroy the economy and sabotage the nation. She misrepresented American tradition in a way that benefitted our enemies and internationalized our national resources leaving them easy pickings for the exploitation of unregulated international markets. She advocated the ruinous gold standard which allows our enemies the opportunity to deflate our money supply and strangle the economy at their whim. By simply hoarding gold and/or sending it out of the nation the bankers can ruin us under a gold standard. Her philosophy falsely claims that the market can and will correct the actions of the enemy within to ruin the nation by their designs. She wanted to grant the enemy the right to act with impunity and free rein as a Trojan horse within America to completely destroy our nation, and she has nearly succeeded. The removal of the ability of government to impose with force the collective will of the nation inevitably leads to balkanization, and that was well known and desired by our bolshevik enemies, Rosenbaum's masters. She never pointed out the name and the nature of the enemy, instead scapegoating the poor and the communists for what international jewry was doing, with her as one of its leading members. As far as I know, she NEVER addressed the existential danger of jewish messianic prophecy and the subversion of the American government by Israel. Being herself a jew, she was disloyal to America in favor of Israel. She was disloyal to the American majority population in favor of the banking class. She did absolutely nothing that was ever in any way harmful to the communists or the bankers, who have so harmed America.

Thank you for interest in my work and the time you have taken to criticize it in a meaningful way.

Best regards,



I suspect that we can agree without further proof that the communists sought to subvert the USA. I think it is also noncontroversial to state that the Trust employed the method of appealing to the sensibilities of a targeted group so as to gain admittance into it for the purpose of subverting it to serve the aims of the communists. So it is to be expected that Rosenbaum would cloak herself in the language of the Constitution when her goal was to subvert the Constitution. It is often said that the Talmudists only quote the Torah to reverse its meaning.

The communists hate democracy. They see it as weak and vulnerable and sought out its vulnerabilities to exploit as means to destroy it and ruin the nation which practices democratic principles so that the international communists can succeed in their quest to destroy all nations.

For example, the communists have always sponsored a non-interventionist military policy in America when it comes to warfare against communist nations. They do not use the same contrived philosophies to achieve this objective to all groups in America. Instead, they appeal to Catholic pacificism when subverting Catholics. They appeal to the Left's social compassion to subvert the Left. In the case of Libertarians, they appeal to selfishness and the Constitution, not out of genuine admiration for its doctrines, but rather because they can use it to forward the communist agenda of preventing American resistance to communism. In other words, the communists exploit the freedoms secured in our Constitution to ruin us and the Constitution and enslave the nations of the world to communism.

The communists use the free press to subvert us and restrict our freedoms. The communists created the false impression that the Founding Fathers, Adam Smith and classical liberalism all advocated international free markets, when the truth is that they all opposed them. Rosenbaum was a leader in that deception. Her subversion has been successful in transferring our industrial base to communist China. That was by design, not accident.

The Trust was implemented during Lenin's New Economic Policy, which was engineered to create the false impression that communism was weak and abandoning its fundamental principles in favor of Western Capitalism. The ultimate deception and product of that sham was communist China's admittance into the WTO which enabled them to steal our industry. That was Lenin's plan from the beginning and the Soviets sent Rosenbaum and others into our nation to foster it, and they did so with horrifying success. They, of course, appealed to our foundational beliefs as a means of subverting us with the Trojan horse of communist propagandists including Rosenbaum, Rothbard and the Paul dynasty.

By not pointing out that the bankers created and sustained our communist enemy, and instead glorifying their greed and falsely claiming it was their right to oppose our national interests and carry out enemy operations on our soil, Rosenbaum served communism and the bankers who created it and used it to ruin Russia and Eastern Europe with their communist takeover. By not identifying our enemy and by insisting that the enemy had constitutional rights to conduct its war against us, Rosenbaum put the armor on the Trojan horse and rode it herself. Rosenbaum was exploiting what Marx called "false consciousness", in that she promoted our foundational principles as a means of securing the jewish bankers ability to exploit and defeat us from within. Were she on our side, she would have named the enemy and called for a declaration of war against it. Instead, she created scapegoats (the poor and the politically powerless) to mask the enemy and blamed these scapegoats for their defeat at the hands of the enemy she sponsored against us, the jewish bankers.

Best regards,



One of Rosenbaum's worst deceptions was to treat communism as if it were a sincere though defective political philosophy. She knew full well that communism was a deliberate jewish attempt to deceive Gentiles with a knowingly false utopian doctrine that would by design produce the opposite effects of its stated aims.

Rosenbaum was fully aware that jews created communism and the jewish bankers orchestrated the communist takeover of Russia. She was fully cognizant of the fact that they did so not to create a worker's paradise, but instead to exact revenge on the Czar and enslave the Slavic race with full knowledge of the consequences of their actions and with the malicious intent of deceiving the Russian People into destroying themselves for the benefit of the jews.

Rosenbaum cannot be forgiven or excused for failing to teach her audience that communism was not a sincere political philosophy, but instead a deliberate jewish deception meant to wreak havoc on the human race in fulfilment of jewish messianic prophecy. She kept the jews who created communism in power in the USA and sought to guarantee that they could continue their war against us unabated by falsely claiming that the Constitution granted them the right to wage war on us without any power of the Federal Government to intervene to safeguard the American People against this enemy force.

Best regards,