Monday, August 14, 2017

General Lee, Dodges Charging and Charlottesville

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

I think there was obvious symbolism in the motor vehicle attack in Charlottesville that is being missed. Fields charged the crowd with a Dodge Challenger, which was probably as close as he could come to a Dodge Charger, as in the Dukes of Hazzard General Lee Dodge Charger:

I always liked Hemi Chargers, even when running 383's. It seems the symbolic General Lee was a victim in Charlottesville that ended up crashed and smashed, and that the idea to use it was inspired by the old TV show. Perhaps Fields wanted to give Robert E. Lee some revenge if only through symbols, subconscious or conscious.

My post The Russian Manufactured Conflict Between “Fascists” and “Antifacists” Meant to Destabilize the West, August 7, 2017 has been fully vindicated in a very shot time. Dark times we live in these days of the permanent communist revolution. Is the media or CIA ever going to point the finger at Moscow for this horror, or is it their goal to play along and foment the communist destabilization of the West?