Sunday, August 13, 2017

Is Brendon O'Connell a Deep-Cover Mole?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Vocal Putin-Trump cheerleader Brendon O'Connell recently flipped and began bashing Putin and Trump, and just about everyone else in the manner of his mentor Eric Hufschmid. O'Connell plagiarized my work to make some of his attacks on Putin and Trump, while concurrently attacking me.

It seems the ultimate effect of all that O'Connell does in his public life as a jew fighter, and now ex-con on the run, benefits the jews and no one else. From his spying on and denunciation of the Iranian Government to his previous trial which made heroes out of the jews he criticized, to his smear mongering and promotion of race mixing and multiculturalism, O'Connell's failures and his work as an agent provocateur benefit the jews and no one else.

So why is O'Connell allowed to infiltrate Muslim nations and spy on them, while trying to take over the "anti-zionist movement" and while promoting Putin and Trump, then demoralizing their followers? Why is he trying to force the opposition to White Genocide to self censor, or face his often fabricated defamations? How can Brendon O'Connell freely travel to Iran and Malaysia? Why he is inciting Australians to break the law and deliberately face prosecution, while he runs from the law? Why is Brendon demanding that people call the Department of Homeland Security and dox themselves?

There is historical precedent for suspecting that Brendon O'Connell is a deep-cover mole and controlled opposition. As but one example of many, consider the story of Vaclav Klaus. Robert Buchar wrote in his article Controlled Opposition:

"Václav Klaus was recruited in 1970 by KGB under code name 'VODICKA'for "Operation Rattrap"-he was publicly named as an 'anti-socialist Malcontent' and 'purged' from the Economic Institute. The purpose was to pose Mr. Klaus as a 'victim' of the regime so he could continue to penetrate dissident circles as a deep-cover mole. The ruse was successful and Mr. Klaus effectively monitored opposition activities and reported dissident intentions, succeeding also in establishing a personal relationship with underground leader Václav Havel."

Marius Laurinavicius wrote in his article Putin's Russia. How to change a country within several years (5):

"Apparently, in 1970 Klaus participated in the special operation staged by StB with the assistance of the KGB. The purpose of the operation was to publicly name Klaus an 'anti-socialist malcontent' and pose him as a 'victim' of the regime so he could continue to penetrate and monitor dissident circles as a deep-cover mole."

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I seem to recall that there were unsubstantiated rumors O'Connell had bragged that he was a drug dealer and a pimp at one time. I have to assume that those rumors were false. Perhaps Brendon can address that issue. He does talk about prostitutes and drugs as if he is knowledgeable.

As an interesting aside, Nick Spero said that he, Nick, had spent a year in jail and that relatives of his were members of the mafia and were assassinated. It is an interesting alliance these two characters have formed to spread false smears and innuendos. Spero evidently flipped from working with White Nationalists to working with O'Connell. Worms often turn.

O'Connell is too cowardly to carry on his lying attacks on me alone. O'Connell likes to run and hide, but why is he given sanctuary and assistance?

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